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It’s Alberta Beer Week!

Today marks the launch of Alberta Beer Week 2017. For the next 9 days (yes, I know that is more than a week, relax) breweries and beer-oriented pubs and stores will be offering a range of events, discounts and profiles to mark the 3rd annual celebration of Alberta beer.

The full schedule for the week can be found here.  By my count there are no fewer than 85 different events scheduled across the week. If your town has an Alberta brewery in it, there is no doubt you have a Beer Week event in your area.

Most of the events involve tap takeovers, tastings of Alberta beer or free brewery tours. But there are a few beer dinners/food pairings tossed in for good measure as well. I also see a handful of beer education events, an airing of the well-regarded Aleberta beer history documentary (more info here), and a couple of beer launch parties. I am pretty confident you can find something that interest you.

Plus, I am even involved this year! I have not one, but two beer week events on the go. First, I have partnered with Sherbrooke Liquor to host a tasting at their event space next door to the store. It is Wednesday (October 25) at 7:00 pm. I will be leading a tasting of some unusual and creative Alberta craft beer that profile the adventurous side of Alberta’s brewers. To find out WHICH beer you will have to come. Tickets are a nominal $5 (mostly just to create a commitment to show up) and available here or in store.

Second – and this event is not on the official list for reasons I can’t explain, I am doing an all-Alberta beer tasting at Underground Tap and Grill on October 24 (Tuesday). Tix are $10 (again, mostly to encourage actual attendance). It is one hour of entertaining discussion about Alberta beer, including four tastings.

Beyond my contribution, there are many events that seem intriguing to me. Here is a short list of some events that caught my attention while scrolling through the list:

  • Today Craft Beer Market Calgary is holding Ultimate Canadian Beer Style: “The Pitch”, where a range of Alberta breweries are being asked to propose a beer that would be the epitome of Canadian beer. The style curmudgeon in me is suspicious, but let’s see where this goes…
  • Also tonight, aspiring homebrewers can get a lesson in how to get started over at Village Brewing.
  • The aforementioned free viewing of the Aleberta documentary will be next Friday at Tool Shed Brewing in Calgary.
  • Edmonton Brewery Tours is doing a special, one-off hop-on-hop-off tour on Sunday featuring three Edmonton breweries.
  • Another Sherbrooke event has Untapped Imports hosting a series of paired blind tastings. Two beer of the same style, one brewed in Alberta, one imported from around the world. Find out which you like better! I would have done that if they hadn’t already grabbed it!
  • And yet another Sherbrooke event has Dandy Brewing pairing their beer up with … CANDY! Just in time for Halloween.

As I say there are a wide range of events out there to fit everyone’s budget, schedule and interest. So get out there and celebrate Alberta beer.

Even if you can’t attend an event, buy some Alberta beer this week and give a nod to the hard working people building this industry up at a rapid pace.

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