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Oversights R Us, and Other Beer News

br winter spiceSo in my round-up earlier this week (here) it appears I missed more announcements than usual. And then another new release was announced today. So here is a VERY quick update, along with a mea culpa or two:

  • As the comments section of the last post notes, Ribstone Creek has released Old Man Winter Porter in six packs this year. Last year’s popular seasonal on tap now get elevated to retail sales as well. The good folks at Ribstone had actually told me about the release (as I ask breweries to do) but I simply forgot it when compiling the last list. So my apologies to Ribstone on that one.
  • Also from the comments section, it appears the Rebellion Brewing are off and running, with their first batch available in Regina starting next week.
  • And one final bit from the comments section (good thing prairie brewers aren’t afraid of telling me when I screwed up!), Brewsters has a couple of winter seasonals on tap right now, including their annual Blue Monk Barley Wine, along with Howitzer Winter Ale and Tailgate Session IPA.
  • And now for the new announcement. Big Rock is bringing back an old annual favourite, Winter Spice Ale, as part of its Brewmaster’s Series. Expect it on shelves any day now.

Okay, that should be it for now. I hope. And Lord, let’s hope I haven’t missed anyone else this time around!

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