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A Little Mid-August Clean Up

A beer you won't actually be seeing on store shelves, unfortunately.

A beer you won’t actually be seeing on store shelves, unfortunately.

So things have been slower on the beer news front the past few weeks as I imagine most breweries in the region are busy trying to keep up with summer beer sales. But a few straggled bits of news have come across my desk, and since I plan a quick weekend camping trip, I thought I would just close out the week with a quick run down on what is on tap, so to speak.

In no particular order:

  • One beer you WON’T be seeing this summer is Ribstone Creek’s latest planned season, Firepit Wit. Due to some production problems, they have scrapped its release. It sounds like the problem originated with a new in-house yeast propagation system, which caused the yesat to poop out too early. This is not an uncommon issue in young breweries, so I actually tip my hat to the Ribstone folks for openly acknowledging the issue. I am certain it won’t shake anyone’s confidence in their brewing. As a homebrewer I can say I have lost a batch or two in my day as well.
  • A beer you will soon be seeing more of is Grizzly Paw’s Rundlestone Session Ale. Released earlier this year as a one-off at the brewpub, the sales were strong enough they have decided to move it over to their retail side and will be selling it in liquor stores across the province. At 4.5% alcohol, it fits into those lighter beer with a hop accent.
  • Available as of today is Draft Legal Kolsch, a special beer made by the Brewsters brewpub chain (more specifically designed by their Oliver Square brewmaster, Gunther Trageser). It is a beer made exclusively for the World Triathlon Grand Final being held in Edmonton in late August. The name comes from the term for the practice of riding closely behind the rider in front of you, an action only elite level tri-atheletes can perform. The significance of the beer itself is that it is, in my opinion, the closest thing to a traditional kolsch we will find around these parts. Draft Legal will be at all the Triathlon events, including the beer gardens in Sir Winston Churchill Square, but you can sample it starting today at the Oliver Square Brewsters location.
  • Last week, Half Pints released the 2014 edition of Humulus Ludicrous, its intense double IPA. If you don’t live in Winnipeg, I wouldn’t hold my breath that any will make it your way. It is possible, but I do know it is highly popular among Half Pints’ regulars in W-town.
  • In related Half Pints news, they have announced the second annual Half Pints Pro-Am Brewing Challenge. In partnership with Winnipeg Brew Bombers homebrew club, it is an innovative beer competition where amateur and professional beer are judged side-by-side (although pro and amateur medals are awarded separately). It runs September 29-October 4. More details on entries, etc. are forthcoming.
  • Finally, I just learned (because I asked them) that Alley Kat’s next seasonal will be their Pumpkin Pi spiced ale. A popular fall beer, they plan on releasing it September 3. Keep an eye out.

That is what I’ve got for now. Should be enough to keep you sated until I get back from my camping trip next week.


3 comments to A Little Mid-August Clean Up

  • Dave

    The Ludicrous will be making it to Alberta. I just spied the pallet on the floor that’s destined for the warehouse.


  • Jeff

    Hi Jason,

    I’m a big fan of the website and appreciate you offering a forum for prairie beer enthusiasts. I’ve tried to keep up after moving from Edmonton to Saskatoon. I saw these guys at the Saskatoon Farmer’s Market last weekend and thought you might be interested. Didn’t get a chance to try their wares, but hope to in the near future!

    Keep up the good work!

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