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New Saskatchewan Breweries, Redux

planets logo2My latest Planet S/Prairie Dog column hit the streets yesterday (Prairie Dog is the Regina Alt Weekly associated with Planet S. My column runs most months there as well, and I have been remiss to not give them a share of the billing). It is a profile of the three new breweries in Saskatchewan. You can read it here.

The careful readers among you will now be saying “dude, you already did that”! Precisely. In fact more in depth profiles on each can be found here, here and here. But one of those quirky things about the interweb is that you don’t really know who is reading your stuff. How many bona fide Saskatchewan residents actually read those posts? I don’t know (I know there are analytics – I am just lazy).

I am thrilled so many beer fans are interesting in the comings and goings of craft beer across the prairies and so am grateful for every single page view I receive. However, since I have a monthly venue for my beer scribblings that actually reaches thousands of real, live Saskatchewanians, it seemed mandatory to also let them in on the revelations.

For the statprairiedoglogoistical among you, the one thing I did in the review that wasn’t first presented here was a little number crunching around craft beer per capita. It is telling that Saskatchewan, until these new openings, has one craft brewery for every 330,000 people. Little Nova Scotia has one for every 65,000 and B.C. one for every 62,000. For those keeping track Alberta has one craft brewery for approximately every 250,000 people (depending on how you classify some of the players – maybe that is a topic for another day).

At any rate, it is a useful and important column for Saskatchewan beer fans. I post it here mostly for posterity and consistency.

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