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Bushwakker Turns 20!!

Wow! Am I really that old? I remember when it was just a young pup, barely taller than a grasshopper’s knee.

Well, maybe not, but it is true that the best brewpub on the prairies, Bushwakker, is 20 years old this year. And to celebrate they are throwing a big party on January 22 (which also doubles as their Robbie Burns party). It will be a can’t miss kind of event.

But, wait, there’s more. Earlier that day, they are releasing a very special 20th anniversary beer. The call it The Tartan Tzar and it is a Russian Imperial Stout infused with oak soaked in MaCallan 12 year single malt Scotch whisky.Whoa. That will be one intense beer.

This is what the Bushwakking folks say about it: “Big chocolate, coffee and molasses flavours explode on the palate. This is followed by dark fruit and sherry notes with hints of drying oak. It then concludes with a slow, smoldering, warming, almost sensual finish.” Are you getting thirsty?

Only 168 bottles were produced. They will go on sale at 11:00 AM sharp, with a limit of two per person, for $15 a bottle. Why do I suspect that if you are number 85 in line, you will be completely out of luck? Why do I also wonder that there will be more than a few folks lining up bright and early that next Saturday to make sure they are number 84 or less?

Sadly, I (and most of you – if you consider Regina’s percentage of the Canadian population) do not live in Regina, so we will miss out. I am truly jealous to not be in Regina this January, possibly the first time I have ever said that.

Now, if only I can think of someone in Regina to hit up to do me a little favour…

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  • I have no idea if I’ll be getting any bottles. To do so, I’m thinking I’ll need to be in the lineup by 6-7am. I think it will depend on the weather forecast.

    I did get to sample a preview of the Tartan Tzar back in Oct and it was indeed superb.

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