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For the “Odd Things to do with Beer” File…

If you ask me, this is one heck of a waste of beer! But according to the CBC in this story, Dean Gunnarson is attempting to be the first person in the world to successfully escape from a vat of beer. Yes, you read that right – beer. Well, you gotta credit this Winnipeg boy for his prairie adventurism.

Apparently the great Harry Houdini tried it once, but failed. He was overcome by the carbon dioxide in the beer and had to be rescued. Gunnarson, a Canadian escape artist, is attempting the feat for a local Winnipeg charity. At least the cause is right.

Odd though it may be, it fits the criteria for mentioning on this website – it is from the prairies and is about beer. Plus it is just a little odd (no comment on how that might connect to me).

I wonder what beer will be Mr. Gunnarson’s choice? Let’s hope it is not Half Pints – that stuff is far too good to waste. If I hear the results of his attempt, I will let you know – if you care, that is.

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