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Spring Has Sprung Us Some Beer

It really is starting to feel like spring. We have had our requisite May snowfall, the trees are budding and the grass is turning green. Sounds like a good time for a beer.

And that thought had me realizing it has been a while since I have done a news roundup. In fact it has […]

As Reliable as -20 in February: The Latest Beer News

Well, the calendar has flipped over to February and winter keeps hammering the prairies, as usual. Just as reliable are the region’s craft breweries, who continue to release new beer at a good clip even during the cold months. Here is the latest round up of beer releases and other news that have come across […]

Gardening a Pretty Interesting Beer

I mentioned in my recent round-up (here) that Village Brewing’s latest seasonal release is Village Gardener, a community-collaboration beer where the ingredients, including hops, honey and lavender, were grown by local communities and farmers. They called Community Involved Ale.

No question this is a pretty cool project. I love how they link actual Calgary community […]

Something Olde, Some Things New

When I wrote up the latest beer news roundup less than two weeks ago. I predicted that within days a whole bunch of new releases would be announced. Well, I was right. Last week was a busy one for announcements and news. So, I thought I might as well do a quick catch-up before the […]

Falling for More New Beer

And the fall beer releases just keep on coming! This time with plenty of umlauts to go around!

Time for another news roundup. You know the drill, I offer up what news I have gleaned as of the day of writing, so if something is missed don’t blame me (or blame me but then help […]

A News Quickie

In my post last week trying to get everyone caught up on beer news on the prairies, I missed a couple of updates – as usual. So, in a brief update just to get everything covered, here is what I found out since publishing the last one:

Big Rock released two cherry-accented beer this week. […]

ASBA Becomes Official and other Beer News

It has been common knowledge in beer circles for a while

In one of the worst kept secrets in the beer world, the Alberta Small Brewers’ Association (ASBA) officially announced it formation last week (first revealed here a few months ago). They also announced that former BioWare founder, beer videographer and all-around man-about-town, Greg Zeschuk, […]

April Showers Turns into May Avalanche

I am starting to think the traditional spring/summer/winter/fall seasonal release cycle is being obliterated, replaced instead by a constant barrage of new stuff. Take last week and this week alone. On the prairies, TEN different breweries are launching a new beer or have some kind of signification announcement. We are in early May. Maybe that […]

It Takes a Village to Sample Good Beer

The Village Brewery sans Monster Bottling Line

As part of my recent visit to Calgary, I made some time to finally swing by Village Brewing. It was my first opportunity to see the young Calgary upstart. I had arranged to meet with co-owner Jim Button, and he suggested I come by on the Wednesday. […]

RIP Brew Brothers, Vive Last Best and Other News

The big prairie news this week is the announced closure tomorrow (February 28) of Brew Brothers Brewery. The longtime Calgary operation opened its doors in 1994, making it the oldest of Alberta’s craft brewers. It had fallen on difficult times following the closure of its tap room a few years back, but they were still […]