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Swap the Malt? Troubled Monk’s Malt Experiment

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So lots of breweries engage in hop experiments – swapping out varieties of hops to experience the flavour effect. Most breweries are not so fast to play around with their malt. Malt is the anchor for a beer. It lays down the core flavours that create a beer’s character.

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A Delightful Patch of Troubled Waters

Who knew Alberta brewers were into three-ways?

Collaborations, that is.

To celebrate their first anniversaries – which came within a few weeks of each other – Bench Creek Brewing, Blindman Brewing and Troubled Monk Brewing got together to brew a three-way collaboration beer. I think it was a fitting way to mark the trios’ respective […]

Oblation a Good Offering to the Beer Gods

Troubled Monk in Red Deer has had a busy, eventful first year or so. World Beer Cup medals, surprising consumer demand. And they finished 2016 off with a release of their first attempt at a Barley Wine, which they call Oblation. Oblation is a religious term meaning an offer to God/the gods. Seems appropriate.

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More Beer News in Time for Canada Day

Canada Day is just around the corner and while it is strangely in the very middle of the week, there will likely be a few beer consumed. So, just in time for the grand day I offer the latest prairie craft beer news round-up with all the news that has come across my path in […]