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Five Basic Tips for Beer Bars

I am out of town for a couple weeks traveling out east for work. It will surprise you not that I am also finding time for some beer visits (say it isn’t so!), which means I have been sitting in some good brewpubs and craft beer bars. I will write more later about the trip […]

Extolling the (Almost) Perfect Pub

British Essayist – and man who loved a good pint – George Orwell

Many years ago (1946 to be exact), George Orwell penned an evocative essay entitled “The Moon Under Water”. It was essentially an effort to extoll the virtues of his favourite pub, the Moon Under Water. You can read the essay on […]

Craft Beer Market Edmonton Opens Today

Today (December 19) marks the much-delayed and much-anticipated opening of the Edmonton location of Craft Beer Market. Craft claims to have “Canada’s largest selection of draft [sic] beer”. (Of course, good Canadians know we spell it “draught” around here, but we can forgive them this slip-up.)

I got a sneak peak the other day, and […]

Berlinerauchsaison and Other Hopfenstark Innovations

The understated space of Station in Montreal

I mentioned a couple posts ago that I was in Montreal on a family trip recently. While that meant not much time for beer exploration, I did wheedle (whine?) a couple of hours of beer time. With such a limited window, I focused my energy on […]

What Makes a Good Pub Scene?

See any TVs? The social atmosphere of the Marble Arch, one of Manchester’s many historic pubs.

My column in the current issue of Vue Weekly (which you can read here) is the first of a series of articles that will appear sporadically based upon my summer travels. First up were my impressions of the […]

(Premature) Last Rites for the Wild Rose Tap Room

The cozy atmosphere of the Wild Rose Taproom will soon be no more.

I was in Calgary briefly this weekend for a work commitment. Just one night, which meant I couldn’t arrange much. But I did decide to make the trip to Wild Rose’s Tap Room since I knew I could get a couple […]

Time to Grow Up, Edmonton Pubs

Good beer is about more than the size of your tap line.

A couple of years ago I was feeling pretty heady about where Edmonton’s pub scene was headed. Sure, at the time it fully qualified for “sucks” status, but there were very hopeful signs – new pubs with modest but decent selections on […]

When Corporate Goes Craft

I have been writing about beer in Edmonton for a number of years now. At first, the pickings were slim in town, and I found myself highlighting good imports, simply because that was the best on offer in most places. That has been changing. The last couple years have been a remarkably optimistic time for […]