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More Beer News in Time for Canada Day

Canada Day is just around the corner and while it is strangely in the very middle of the week, there will likely be a few beer consumed. So, just in time for the grand day I offer the latest prairie craft beer news round-up with all the news that has come across my path in […]

Saskatchewan Policy Review and Other Blustery January Beer News

While the actual weather today might be unseasonably warm, all of us on the prairies know full well that the frigid temperatures are soon on their way. January on the prairies. Makes me both proud at how hardy we all are and bewildered at why we live here in the first place.

Since the pre-Xmas […]

RIP Full Moon Pale Ale, Long Live Full Moon IPA and Other News

We shall miss you, pale ale friend.

Normally when I do a news roundup I try to give the various breweries involved relatively equal billing. However this week it is a bit different. Upon hearing the news that Alley Kat is re-formulating its flagship Full Moon Pale Ale to become an IPA, I found […]

Something Olde, Some Things New

When I wrote up the latest beer news roundup less than two weeks ago. I predicted that within days a whole bunch of new releases would be announced. Well, I was right. Last week was a busy one for announcements and news. So, I thought I might as well do a quick catch-up before the […]

April Showers Turns into May Avalanche

I am starting to think the traditional spring/summer/winter/fall seasonal release cycle is being obliterated, replaced instead by a constant barrage of new stuff. Take last week and this week alone. On the prairies, TEN different breweries are launching a new beer or have some kind of signification announcement. We are in early May. Maybe that […]

The Beer in April Just Keeps Pourin’ in

Before the e-ink was dry on my last news digest (found here), more beer news came rolling in, as usual. Here is the latest of which I am aware.

Tickets for Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous‘ third annual Real Ale Festival go on sale on Friday April 18. This annual event has grown in popularity since […]

Blacks, Whites, Golds and Read All Over

As expected with the melting of the snow comes a spate of new beer news from prairie craft brewers. And so I find myself offering yet another installment of the news digest, with colours dominating the headlines.

First up is Saskatchewan newcomer Prairie Sun, who have quietly been building a following in S-Toon. They are […]

Bisons Are Big This Week

Clearly prairie brewers like their buffalo, as two of the region’s craft breweries are releasing beer named after the majestic, almo-made-extinct-by-humans beasts. Plus I have a bit of other beer news for you.

First to the Bisons.

This week, the folks at Ribstone Creek are announcing a new seasonal beer, Lone Bison IPA, which should […]

Interpreting Winter, Paddock Style

I may or may not be the first person in Alberta to try the latest version of Paddock Wood’s Winter Ale. I tried it last night, after picking it up earlier in the afternoon. Likely someone else bought and opened one first. All I know is that it has only been on Alberta shelves for […]

Elections, Wet Hops and Oaxacans

It is municipal election day in Alberta today, and so I hope all of you who reside in the oil province find time to vote during your busy day. And if you drink craft beer, it appears you are more likely to vote. At least according to a poll sponsored by Calgary’s Village Brewing.

Village […]