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Doubling Down on Ola Dubh

I have the notorious habit of sticking beer into my cellar for aging and then not pulling things out to actually, you know, drink them. As a result I have too many beer in my cellar – over 100. At one time I instituted a one-in-one-out rule but that proved too hard (at the moment […]

The Great White Oak

I remember when I first started writing my beer columns, from time to time I struggled to find something new and interesting to write about. That particular problem is long gone. There have been so many new entrants to the Alberta market in recent years I have the complete opposite problem – which ones to […]

A Dark Taste of Ambroise-a

One of the beer I picked up for sampling over the holiday season was the St. Ambroise Stout Imperiale Russe (Russian Imperial Stout). Stouts are something St. Ambroise does well. I am not as big a fan as many are of their pale ale, but can never get enough of their stout. Once a year […]

Innis and Gunn Go Dark

In my opinion Innis and Gunn are beer pioneers. I realize that the recent phenomenon of oak-aged beer has left I&G eating dust as other more assertive examples blow by them, but in all of our enthusiasm for the bold and creative examples out there we should not forget that Innis & Gunn were one […]

Experiencing Beer Royalty

I have a thing for a particular Duchess No, I am not talking about the new Duchess of Cambridge. The British royal family leave me decidedly bored. No, I am talking about a Duchess I first met four years ago in Belgium. She was sparkling and toned, sweet but with a noted sharp tongue about […]

Glenda Sherbrooke on Shelves Today

The second of the Alley Kat/Sherbrooke/Glenora Distillery collaboration is hitting the shelves sometime today. Glenda Sherbrooke follows in its older brother’s footsteps as a beer aged for 3 months in oak casks formerly containing single malt whiskey from Nova Scotia’s Glenora Distillery. The first version was Alley Kat’s Amber Ale and it found a way […]

A Little Wood is Good

I have been writing about oak-aged beer a fair bit lately. That is because certain brewers we know and love have started releasing their own wood-y versions to supplement the growing list of oak-soaked imports available in the west. With the latest influx of creative oak beer from Mikkeller hitting Alberta, I thought it might […]

Dancing With the Single Star(s)

I continue to be amazed at the effect wood has on beer. It transforms it and creates a whole new creature. I can see why craft brewers are really getting into it. Latest case in point is the latest Sherbrooke Liqour/Alley Kat creation, Single Star, which was aged in a Jack Daniel’s barrel.

The beer […]