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A Hop Association is Born

On Saturday afternoon Alberta witnessed the creation of something that I am pretty sure almost none of us coming a few years ago. I had the privilege to attend the launch of the Alberta Hop Producers Association. The group has formed to support the growing hop farm industry in Alberta. They want to build a […]

Taste Testing Keith’s Single Hop Ales

A few weeks ago, I posted about the release of Alexander Keith’s Single Hop ales. As you can read here, I pontificated about what it might mean for the evolution of beer and expressed mixed feelings about it. At the time I was careful to avoid judging the beer itself, as I had not yet […]

Singling Out Keith’s New Hop Ales

Image “courtesy” of the Globe and Mail. Not the best image – but the only one I could find.

In yesterday’s Globe and Mail, there was a puff piece extolling the latest in the corporate brewers’ manoeuvrings (read the article here). Labatt (AB-Inbev), makers of the Alexander Keith’s line of faux-craft beer, this spring […]

Savouring Canada’s Hoppiest Beer

I didn’t make it for the first tapping at 5:00 on Friday, but I have now had a glass (or two) of Hop Mess Monster v.2, which is undoubtedly the hoppiest beer ever brewed in Canada. The proud papa is none other than Greg Nash of the Hart and Thistle brewpub. Greg says he added […]

The Single Hop Experiment

I am just finishing off a bottle of Mikkeller Single Hop East Kent Golding IPA. In and of itself it is a decent but unremarkable beer. It has the house yeast pungency of all Mikkeller beer and a balanced, presentable hop punch. It is well made, and worth the taste in and of itself. But […]