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Hog’s Head Brewing Closing?

For the last few months I have been hearing rumours from multiple sources that St. Albert’s Hog’s Head Brewing was in trouble. The fact that I heard it from various locations had me taking the matter seriously. However, I don’t trade in rumours (at least not of this kind – feel free to tell me […]

RIP Full Moon Pale Ale, Long Live Full Moon IPA and Other News

We shall miss you, pale ale friend.

Normally when I do a news roundup I try to give the various breweries involved relatively equal billing. However this week it is a bit different. Upon hearing the news that Alley Kat is re-formulating its flagship Full Moon Pale Ale to become an IPA, I found […]

The Happenin’s at Hog’s Head

Some of the more keen-eyed of you may have noticed that over the past few months my news roundups have rarely included Hog’s Head Brewing out of St. Albert. It is not that they haven’t been putting out new beer and releasing seasonals because they have. Actually, they may have been putting out too much […]

April Showers Turns into May Avalanche

I am starting to think the traditional spring/summer/winter/fall seasonal release cycle is being obliterated, replaced instead by a constant barrage of new stuff. Take last week and this week alone. On the prairies, TEN different breweries are launching a new beer or have some kind of signification announcement. We are in early May. Maybe that […]

A Long Tap Line of Beer News

My goodness the last few days have been busy. A large number of new beer news has come across my desk, some official, some through back channels. Either way, as expected early March has been marked by new beer releases and other news.

I will start with a scoop (sort of). I was in Calgary […]

Hop Slayer, Take Two

My most recent Vue Weekly column is a review of Hog’s Head’s (hmm, two possessives – that can’t be right) Hop Slayer. I reviewed their flagship IPA shortly after its release, but thought I should offer it a bit more space given its newness on the Edmonton beer scene.

I won’t rehash either review here […]

Two Reasons to Order Colleen’s Amber Ale

As I mentioned in my most recent news round-up (here), Hog’s Head Brewing has begun supplying a house beer for the Sherlock Holmes pub chain, which includes local Sherlock Holmes, Rose and Crown, and the newly renamed Duggan’s Boundary. Now, normally a house beer is nothing to write home (or about, but this one […]

Elections, Wet Hops and Oaxacans

It is municipal election day in Alberta today, and so I hope all of you who reside in the oil province find time to vote during your busy day. And if you drink craft beer, it appears you are more likely to vote. At least according to a poll sponsored by Calgary’s Village Brewing.

Village […]

Catching Up on the Latest Beer News

I just looked at my watch and realized it has been weeks since I have offered a beer news update. With my life distractions, contests and other goings on around these parts, I simply haven’t thought to put together a collection of what is happening. Plus, my visit to the Edmonton Craft Beer Festival on […]

Red, Copper, Aluminum and Other Beer News

A few things have snuck past me (well, not snuck past me so much as I chose not to write a post about them yet) in the past month, so I thought I should put together a quick news update post. Most of the news right now seems to be from northern Alberta, as the […]