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Grizzly Paw’s Awesome Brew Space

Grizly Paw brewers’ view while working.

I would die to have the view Grizzly Paw’s brewers have when they mix up the brewery’s magic elixir. Most brewers have to put up with concrete walls and a back door opening up to a light industrial parking lot (or worse a garbage heap). Not the Grizzly […]

Prairie Breweries Score Modestly at CBAs

The results of the 2016 Canadian Brewing Awards were announced Saturday night in Vancouver (see the full results here). As usual, B.C. breweries won an disproportionate number of medals, with Ontario falling second. However, perusing the list I was pleasantly surprised at the prairie brewery results.

[Note: Post edited shortly after publishing to include Black […]

Your First News Round-Up of 2016

As readers nurse their New Years’ Eve hangovers, I thought it might help get your mind off your headache to give you the latest news from breweries around the prairies. Another new round of beer you can try as hair of the dog.

Of course, all of this news actually came out in 2015, but […]

As Reliable as -20 in February: The Latest Beer News

Well, the calendar has flipped over to February and winter keeps hammering the prairies, as usual. Just as reliable are the region’s craft breweries, who continue to release new beer at a good clip even during the cold months. Here is the latest round up of beer releases and other news that have come across […]

RIP Full Moon Pale Ale, Long Live Full Moon IPA and Other News

We shall miss you, pale ale friend.

Normally when I do a news roundup I try to give the various breweries involved relatively equal billing. However this week it is a bit different. Upon hearing the news that Alley Kat is re-formulating its flagship Full Moon Pale Ale to become an IPA, I found […]

Something Olde, Some Things New

When I wrote up the latest beer news roundup less than two weeks ago. I predicted that within days a whole bunch of new releases would be announced. Well, I was right. Last week was a busy one for announcements and news. So, I thought I might as well do a quick catch-up before the […]

As The Seasonals Turn…

Everything in my instincts tells me I should hold off one more week before doing another news roundup. Yet, the balancing act is the beer that have been released stop being “news” while I wait for more new releases. So, I trade off, fully expecting a couple of announcements next week that I will have […]

A Little Mid-August Clean Up

A beer you won’t actually be seeing on store shelves, unfortunately.

So things have been slower on the beer news front the past few weeks as I imagine most breweries in the region are busy trying to keep up with summer beer sales. But a few straggled bits of news have come across my […]

A News Quickie

In my post last week trying to get everyone caught up on beer news on the prairies, I missed a couple of updates – as usual. So, in a brief update just to get everything covered, here is what I found out since publishing the last one:

Big Rock released two cherry-accented beer this week. […]

Your August News Round Up

Grizzly Paw’s New Brewery

I have been on the road a fair bit this summer, so haven’t really been keeping up on the latest from breweries on the prairies. Summers are, obviously, the busiest time for breweries, so most are just trying to keep production up to meet demand, meaning there is usually less […]