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Name Your Beer and Other News

The first slate of winter releases have been popping out over the past couple weeks, so it seems time for another news roundup. I suspect there will be a few more announcements in the coming weeks, but this is what I have heard from around the prairies recently.

Alley Kat’s latest Big Bottle series […]

A Six-Pack of Beer Reviews

I have fallen behind in my reviews of recent prairie beer. It is a consequence of my busy life, I am afraid. So, in an attempt to catch up quickly, I am going to offer a post with a handful of capsule reviews. They don’t have as much detail as normal, but do reflect the […]

A Time and Place

I went to the final of the Brier last night down at the concrete circle I stubbornly still call Northlands Coliseum. While the game was not that great (although Stoughton’s spin-a-rama to concede the game was highly entertaining), I did get the pleasant surprise of not being forced to buy over-priced Molson Canadian in plastic […]