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2017 CBAs Full of Surprises; 17 Prairie Medals

Over the weekend the results of the 2017 Canadian Brewing Awards were announced (see the full winners’ list here).

I can honestly say they were full of surprises. Lots of new names on the list and a fascinating equality between regions (to a degree). There were more than a dozen breweries where I either barely […]

Court Grants Injunctions in Mark-Up Cases

Earlier today (Nov 10) a Calgary judge granted injunctions to Great Western Brewing and Steam Whistle as part of their ongoing legal challenges to the Alberta government’s beer mark-up policy (read the CBC story here). For background on the issue read my previous posts here and here.

Officially, Steam Whistle’s injunction is an extension on […]

Another Beer Mark Up Lawsuit

And Great Western makes three.

There are now three lawsuits (okay, two lawsuits and a trade complaint) against the Alberta government’s new beer mark-up policy. Saskatoon’s Great Western Brewing officially launched a lawsuit yesterday (read one of a few possible media stories here). They join Toronto’s Steam Whistle and Calgary importer Artisan Ales in challenging […]

Prairie Breweries Score Modestly at CBAs

The results of the 2016 Canadian Brewing Awards were announced Saturday night in Vancouver (see the full results here). As usual, B.C. breweries won an disproportionate number of medals, with Ontario falling second. However, perusing the list I was pleasantly surprised at the prairie brewery results.

[Note: Post edited shortly after publishing to include Black […]

B.C. Lowers Mark-ups, Saskatchewan Privatizes

A couple of interesting news bits this week.Thought I would offer a quick rundown on both and what they might mean in the region.

B.C. Lowers Mark-Ups

Last Friday the B.C. government moved to reduce the mark-ups on craft beer (press release here). As of July 3, the mark-up rate for small brewers will drop […]

Surprises at the Canadian Brewing Awards

The 2015 Canadian Brewing Awards were announced this weekend and made public this morning. You can find the full list of winners here. From my lens of Prairie-related craft beer, I can honestly say there were a few surprises in the list of results.

The biggest news is that Alley Kat’s Scona Gold Kolsch not […]

Falling for More New Beer

And the fall beer releases just keep on coming! This time with plenty of umlauts to go around!

Time for another news roundup. You know the drill, I offer up what news I have gleaned as of the day of writing, so if something is missed don’t blame me (or blame me but then help […]

Great Western Cleans Up at CBAs

The results of the 2014 Canadian Brewing Awards (CBAs) were announced last night (find the full winners list here). While I might describe the results for prairie brewers as disappointing, one prairie brewery had lots to celebrate. The good folks at Great Western Brewing scooped up four medals. By my unofficial count Great Western’s four […]

Good, Cheap Beer?

Honesty in Advertising

My most recent column in Planet S/Prairie Dog is sparking some controversy in the flat province (you can read it here). A while back my editors asked if I might do a piece on cheap beer (what the producers of those brands call “the value segment”). I hummed and hawed for […]

Name Your Beer and Other News

The first slate of winter releases have been popping out over the past couple weeks, so it seems time for another news roundup. I suspect there will be a few more announcements in the coming weeks, but this is what I have heard from around the prairies recently.

Alley Kat’s latest Big Bottle series […]