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Ale Spruced Up And Nowhere To Go But In My Glass

Grande Prairie’s Grain Bin Brewing is a small outfit (as I have explained here). Yet someone seems to be making an effort to try to get at least a few bottles of their product down to Edmonton, as it pops up once in a while at Sherbrooke Liquor (and maybe other places too).

A recent […]

Highway 666 is One Devil of a Beer

I visited Grande Prairie a couple of weeks ago to attend a music festival (first ever Bear Creek Folk Festival – great time!). Being who I am I took some time out to visit the two new breweries in town, GP Brewing and Grain Bin. I didn’t succeed in an effort to visit with the […]

Beer News for the Ides of March

March 15 is a dire day if your name is Caesar. However, if you are a craft beer lover then it is a day with another edition of the prairie news round up. Today we have an interesting mixture of beer releases, brewery openings and policy changes. I will start with the policy stuff.

The […]