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Beer Academy Is for Real

During my trip to T.O. a couple weeks back, I made a point of visiting Beer Academy, the brewpub/restaurant/beer tasting room opened last year by Six Pints Specialty Beer Company, the Molson spin-off that houses Granville Island and Creemore Springs. I wanted to stop by because I wanted to see for myself whether the place […]

The Sullying of History

Ironically, Saskatchewan is the only province where Calgary Beer has been sold continuously since the late 1800s.

My latest Planet S column takes a look at so-called “regional brands”, their history and how that rich tradition has been usurped by the big corporate brewers for marketing purposes. You can read the column here. Because […]

Taste Testing Keith’s Single Hop Ales

A few weeks ago, I posted about the release of Alexander Keith’s Single Hop ales. As you can read here, I pontificated about what it might mean for the evolution of beer and expressed mixed feelings about it. At the time I was careful to avoid judging the beer itself, as I had not yet […]

Fake Blondes and Beer Falsies

I take a breather from the intensity of my beer system series (final part to come next week) to offer up my latest Vue Weekly column, out yesterday. It has been a couple of months since I last posted a Vue column here at – not because my columns have disappeared, but simply for […]

This is Edmonton’s Beer?

In my most recent post (found here), I reviewed a new pub in town, called the Public House. You can read that missive to see my opinions of the place. However, it was the first location in town where I found 780 Lager on tap. 780 Lager is the brainchild of Labatt Brewing (ABInbev) to […]

How Old is Your Beer?

Photo Credit: Planet S Magazine

My column in the current issue of Planet S Magazine revisits a longstanding beef of mine – date codes. I have never understood why breweries feel the need to mask the production/best before date in a jumble of letters and numbers. Telling the consumer how old their beer is […]

Beware the Pseudo-Craft

You shouldn't have to be this guy to find out who made your beer

On my CBC column last Friday, I did something a bit out of the ordinary for me. It is something I have been contemplating for a while, and have done in little bits and snippets while discussing other topics. I […]

Admitting it is the First Step…

In the current issue of Planet S, I write a short piece on “guilty pleasures” – in this case about those beer that you secretly don’t mind so much in certain circumstances. The kind of beer you wouldn’t admit to your fellow beer geek friends that you have ever let slide past your lips.

I […]

The Alberta Disadvantage: The Struggles of Alberta Micros

Yellowhead Brewing's Gene Dub in front of their tanks. Photo courtesy of Alberta Venture

Over the summer, Alberta Venture, a monthly business magazine in the province, asked me to write a feature article on the state of craft brewing in Alberta with a particular focus on why Alberta’s microbrewing scene is so much smaller […]

Coming Over to the Dark Side

I don’t know about you, but I have noticed a new trend among the pseudo-craft beer brands lately. A couple of years ago, they were all about the White – Rickard’s White, Keith’s White. They were trying to emulate the refreshing taste of original witbier like Hoegaarden and Blanche de Chambly. Of course, they did […]