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Does Independent Craft Really Need a Seal?

The Brewers’ Association (BA) in the U.S. has just launched a “Certified Independent Craft Brewer” seal. The seal, an upside down bottle indicating certified independence, is designed to identify which breweries in the States are not owned by one of the big corporate breweries. The BA says more than 1500 breweries have signed onto the […]

Calling Out Corb Lund and Budweiser

A screen capture of the Corb Lund Budweiser ad.

I am calling out Corb Lund. I don’t normally do this. I try to stay positive while still being honest. I don’t normally criticize an individual over a beer decision. But today I make an exception.

Yesterday an ad was released (or at least I […]

Budweiser’s Infuriating “Alberta Made” Ad

Over the weekend I was watching a CBC program online and noticed an odd ad kept playing at the commercial breaks. It was an ad for Budweiser. The first time I saw it, I was perplexed. The more I watched it (CBC has the annoying habit of playing the same ads during each online break) […]

Beer News! Beer News Everywhere!

The iconic Molson sign is coming down, replaced by a faux “microbrewery”

Wow! I go away for a week and the whole beer world turns upside down.

Okay, not really, but I am amazed at how many comment-worthy beer stories popped up in the last few days (I will write more about my trip […]

More Thoughts on Corporate Buy-outs

Daddy Warbucks. A fitting role model for ABInbev?

Since my post the other day on the significance of ABInbev’s purchase of Wicked Weed I have had a few people (including Steve in the comments section – thanks Steve!) send me links to a recent story on the Good Beer Hunting website from Chris Herron, […]

Making Sense of Corporate Buy-Outs

This is not an anti-corporate beer rant. Really.

Regular readers know that I am no fan of the big corporate breweries. I don’t like their dishonest marketing. I don’t like their predatory sales practices. I don’t like that they are huge multinational behemoths profiting off the desire of beer drinkers to have a refreshing pint […]

The Corporation, the Retiree and Beer for Life

Today I want to wade into an issue that, in general, is not the territory of this website – even though it is a beer industry-related story. I am not entirely sure why I feel the need to write about it. Maybe it is because it is a rare confluence of my day job and […]

Why You Should Care about the ABInbev-SABMiller Merger

So over the weekend it became official. Global giant ABInbev has purchased another global giant, SABMiller, for $100 billion (US). The joint company will hold about 28% of the global beer market, far outstripping its next largest competitor, Heineken, who hold about 10%.

Most of the business press and mainstream media have focused on the […]

Moving to Craft, One Step at a Time

From This? …

Anyone who spends any time doing beer education – hell, anyone with a cousin or uncle – knows that the trick to getting a mainstream lager drinker to be open to craft beer is to take it slowly. Offering a Coors Light drinker a bottle of Red Racer IPA is only […]

Export, Eh!

I flew home last night after a few days in Montreal. Mostly a family trip, so minimal beer opportunities. Although I did partake in a couple new things on which I will report in upcoming posts. For now, though, I want to take the unusual moment to discuss the beer I had in the Montreal […]