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More Thoughts on Corporate Buy-outs

Daddy Warbucks. A fitting role model for ABInbev?

Since my post the other day on the significance of ABInbev’s purchase of Wicked Weed I have had a few people (including Steve in the comments section – thanks Steve!) send me links to a recent story on the Good Beer Hunting website from Chris Herron, […]

Making Sense of Corporate Buy-Outs

This is not an anti-corporate beer rant. Really.

Regular readers know that I am no fan of the big corporate breweries. I don’t like their dishonest marketing. I don’t like their predatory sales practices. I don’t like that they are huge multinational behemoths profiting off the desire of beer drinkers to have a refreshing pint […]

The Corporation, the Retiree and Beer for Life

Today I want to wade into an issue that, in general, is not the territory of this website – even though it is a beer industry-related story. I am not entirely sure why I feel the need to write about it. Maybe it is because it is a rare confluence of my day job and […]

Why You Should Care about the ABInbev-SABMiller Merger

So over the weekend it became official. Global giant ABInbev has purchased another global giant, SABMiller, for $100 billion (US). The joint company will hold about 28% of the global beer market, far outstripping its next largest competitor, Heineken, who hold about 10%.

Most of the business press and mainstream media have focused on the […]

Moving to Craft, One Step at a Time

From This? …

Anyone who spends any time doing beer education – hell, anyone with a cousin or uncle – knows that the trick to getting a mainstream lager drinker to be open to craft beer is to take it slowly. Offering a Coors Light drinker a bottle of Red Racer IPA is only […]

Export, Eh!

I flew home last night after a few days in Montreal. Mostly a family trip, so minimal beer opportunities. Although I did partake in a couple new things on which I will report in upcoming posts. For now, though, I want to take the unusual moment to discuss the beer I had in the Montreal […]

Beer Academy Is for Real

During my trip to T.O. a couple weeks back, I made a point of visiting Beer Academy, the brewpub/restaurant/beer tasting room opened last year by Six Pints Specialty Beer Company, the Molson spin-off that houses Granville Island and Creemore Springs. I wanted to stop by because I wanted to see for myself whether the place […]

The Sullying of History

Ironically, Saskatchewan is the only province where Calgary Beer has been sold continuously since the late 1800s.

My latest Planet S column takes a look at so-called “regional brands”, their history and how that rich tradition has been usurped by the big corporate brewers for marketing purposes. You can read the column here. Because […]

Taste Testing Keith’s Single Hop Ales

A few weeks ago, I posted about the release of Alexander Keith’s Single Hop ales. As you can read here, I pontificated about what it might mean for the evolution of beer and expressed mixed feelings about it. At the time I was careful to avoid judging the beer itself, as I had not yet […]

Fake Blondes and Beer Falsies

I take a breather from the intensity of my beer system series (final part to come next week) to offer up my latest Vue Weekly column, out yesterday. It has been a couple of months since I last posted a Vue column here at – not because my columns have disappeared, but simply for […]