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Cask Ale: The State of the (Burton) Union

Beer judge Owen getting wet tapping a cask! (I love this photo!)

A few days ago I attended a cask vs. cask event at Accent Lounge where Alley Kat and Blindman each had a cask tapped at the same time and customers encouraged to vote for which was their favourite. The two intrepid breweries […]

Really Great Time Had by All at Real Ale Fest

This past Saturday was the fifth annual installment of the Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous Real Ale Festival, held in the skating rink of Ritchie Community Hall. As usual a few hundred thirsty folks attended to sample some of the best, creative or just plain strange cask ales made by Western Canadian breweries.

For those not […]

Cask-Aid Raised Glasses & Dollars for Fort Mac

Yesterday afternoon at Yellowhead Brewing in Edmonton dozens of thirsty patrons sipped on one-of-a-kind cask ales and raised money for the Red Cross Fort McMurray Relief fund at the same time. Dubbed Cask-Aid (Cascasde – get it?), it was the brainchild of Yellowhead brewer Bruce Sample. Twelve Alberta breweries each brought a cask and a […]

Another Year of Casking Festivities

Real Ale Festival-Goers chat about the beer. (How many brewers can you spot in this photo?)

The 4th Annual Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous Real Ale Festival took place on Saturday. This edition was bigger (double the attendees) and held outdoors in a skating rink (sans ice). With some weather luck, the festival had an […]

Old Man Winter Goes Casking

Over the past couple of years, the cask event scene in Edmonton has quietly plugged away. The number of events has grown (the original 2 monthly events at Sugar Bowl and Next Act joined by weekly casks at Beer Revolution and Craft Beer Market), but the overall buzz factor has, in my opinion, dropped off. […]

A “State of The Cask” Address

Celebrating Edmonton’s first Cask Event back in 2010.

It has been four-and-a-half years (May 2010) since Edmonton got its first cask night, which was at the Sugar Bowl (see article here). The first few events were high energy, anticipated and joyful. They were something a beer geek made a point of attending. Over the […]

Real Ale Fest a Real Blast

Saturday was the 2014 Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous Real Ale Festival. Due to scheduling conflicts I had not been able to make previous incarnations of this unique event, but was pleased to finally have darkened its doors this year.

For those unfamiliar, the EBGA Real Ale Festival is a one-day event celebrating traditional cask ale. […]

Beer Geeks Celebrates 1st Birthday with an Alberta First

It is hard to believe that the Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous is turning one year old in June. On one level it feels like they have only been around a short time, but on the other it seems like they are an Edmonton cornerstone. It is true it didn’t take them long to become a […]

A New Cask Night and Other Good News

More Taps May Be On Tap

So, that is what I get for being grumpy. A couple weeks ago, I let out some of my frustrations about the Edmonton beer scene after a visit to the Public House (read it here), which sparked much response. Some of it included chiding me for ignoring some […]

Sometimes David Beats Goliath

I heard a great story the other day. I had some business to attend to at the Sugar Bowl in Edmonton. And while we were talking I noticed that Wild Rose Alberta Crude Oatmeal Stout was on tap. I knew that it had earned temporary tap while I was in Halifax. That was good news, […]