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Catchin’ Up on the News

I have been quite the busy puppy the last few weeks, as my more sporadic than usual posting may attest. One thing that has fallen behind is reporting the latest beer news and releases. As it turns out the past month or so has been relatively quiet on the new beer front. This makes sense […]

A Silk Purse of a Rig Pig

It may seem like I would have reviewed this beer years ago, but I actually have never written a word about Brewsters’ Rig Pig Pale Ale. Not because it wasn’t worth a review. The main hurdle was its limited availability – having for years only been available at the various Brewsters locations around the province.


Beer News Fit for Last Minute Gift Shopping

Happy holidays to everyone! But before I go enjoy my final beer advent calendar beer (a fine choice, by the way, to be discussed next week) and shake my presents under the tree, let me offer some last minute beer news suitable for the procrastinatiest of the procrastinators who know have something they can grab […]

Oversights R Us, and Other Beer News

So in my round-up earlier this week (here) it appears I missed more announcements than usual. And then another new release was announced today. So here is a VERY quick update, along with a mea culpa or two:

As the comments section of the last post notes, Ribstone Creek has released Old Man Winter Porter […]

Falling for More New Beer

And the fall beer releases just keep on coming! This time with plenty of umlauts to go around!

Time for another news roundup. You know the drill, I offer up what news I have gleaned as of the day of writing, so if something is missed don’t blame me (or blame me but then help […]

Real Ale Fest a Real Blast

Saturday was the 2014 Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous Real Ale Festival. Due to scheduling conflicts I had not been able to make previous incarnations of this unique event, but was pleased to finally have darkened its doors this year.

For those unfamiliar, the EBGA Real Ale Festival is a one-day event celebrating traditional cask ale. […]

A Little Mid-August Clean Up

A beer you won’t actually be seeing on store shelves, unfortunately.

So things have been slower on the beer news front the past few weeks as I imagine most breweries in the region are busy trying to keep up with summer beer sales. But a few straggled bits of news have come across my […]

Blacks, Whites, Golds and Read All Over

As expected with the melting of the snow comes a spate of new beer news from prairie craft brewers. And so I find myself offering yet another installment of the news digest, with colours dominating the headlines.

First up is Saskatchewan newcomer Prairie Sun, who have quietly been building a following in S-Toon. They are […]

The End of End of Days Not Yet Nigh

Just before Xmas, Brewsters brewpub chain released an Extreme Ale (their words) to mark the end of the world according to the Mayans (well the people who misinterpreted the Mayan calendar system, but that is beside the point). They tapped it on Friday December 21 – the supposed last day of the Mayan calendar, and, […]