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Qualities of a Great Pub

One of my favourite pubs in Canada

I spend a lot of time in pubs. Not a surprise. But while I find myself in a wide range of places at times, I gravitate to pubs that have the right atmosphere and a great (or at least intelligent) selection of beer. I have been travelling […]

Porter? You Call that a Porter?

John Labatt would be embarrassed. He may well be rolling in his grave as I write this. When I was in Montreal the last few days, I had a bottle of Labatt Porter. Don’t ask me how or why – I am not really sure myself.

I liked the retro label and I think I […]

Of Houblons and Chevals

I am in Montreal for a couple of days. Mostly meetings, so there will be very little time for beer exploration. However, I did have the evening to myself before things get going today. I used it to hit two places that I have not yet experienced in my recent trips to Montreal. And they […]

Some History with Your Pints

The museum at BDT

One of the cool things from my late spring trip to Montreal and Ottawa (see posts here and here) that didn’t get reported right away was my side trip to Gatineau (formerly Hull) one afternoon. The Capital Region city on the Quebec side of the river has two brewpubs – […]

Something Old, Something New in Montreal

The bar at Isle de Garde

As I have mentioned in previous posts, my summer travels included stops in Ottawa and Montreal. My Ottawa beer adventures were chronicled here. Meanwhile, while I had highlighted one Montreal place in this post, I hadn’t yet written up my experiences on this trip.

Partly that is because […]

A Parliament of Craft Beer

No, the House of Commons isn’t yet serving craft beer, but Ottawa is catching onto the craft wave.

During my spring travels east (which I talked about a bit here), I spent a few days in Ottawa. I have been to Ottawa a few times over the years and distinctly remember on my last […]

A Tale of Two Beer Bars

My last post highlighted some of the ways that beer bars get things wrong (read here). Today I want to look at the other side of the coin – how beer bars can get things right. I am going to do so by highlighting two bars I visited on my current trip to Montreal and […]

Five Basic Tips for Beer Bars

I am out of town for a couple weeks traveling out east for work. It will surprise you not that I am also finding time for some beer visits (say it isn’t so!), which means I have been sitting in some good brewpubs and craft beer bars. I will write more later about the trip […]

North Belgian Milk Stout

In a recent post I look at the newer breweries in the Nova Scotia craft scene. One of the missing pieces at the time was an unopened bottle of North Brewings’ Belgian Milk Stout. I was intrigued by this beer from the moment I saw it on the shelf. I don’t think I have ever […]

Nova Scotia’s Burgeoning Beer Scene

Long time readers will remember that in the springs of 2011 and 2012, I spent considerable time in Halifax. At the time I reported occasionally on the beer happenings on the east coast and my general observations about craft beer in Atlantic Canada.

When I was there, Nova Scotia had 9 breweries/brewpubs, mostly in Halifax. […]