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Blinded by the Barrel Aging

Barrel-aging can no longer be called the sexy new thing in beer. Almost every new brewery is trying their hands at it at least once in a while. But that doesn’t mean all are making the kind of quality consumers have come to expect from barrel-aged beer.

The key is balance (like in so many […]

The King of Bellwoods, No Doubt

Every Ahab has a Moby Dick. That extends to the beer world.

My recent elusive target likely does not rate the tragedy of Captain Ahab, in particular because I was fine waiting, but this is a nice way to start a column about a hard-to-find beer. (Also Moby Dick is actually a Sperm Whale, but […]

Tempt Yourself with The Temptress

A new seasonal from Medicine Hat’s Hell’s Basement is creating quite a stir, for the backstory, the label and the beer.With that combination how could I not write about it?

The beer, The Temptress (de verleidster),is the product of a chance meeting between Hell’s Basement brewer, Mike Gripp, and Rich Pool, the brewer from Puik […]

A Great Beer, That Fact is Kristall Clear

Regular readers of this website know that I am a long time fan of Weihenstephaner. Not only are they the oldest brewery in the world (opening in 1040, believe it or not), but they produce some of the world’s finest German-style wheat beer. I have reviewed their products a number of times, including here and […]

Stealing a Sip of Prairie Pirate

Ribstone Creek appears to be channeling their inner rustler with the recent release of Prairie Pirate. In what is actually a collaboration effort with Last Best Brewing in Calgary, Ribstone has woven an interesting tale around the creation of the beer.

Ahead of the beer’s launch in mid-October, Ribstone tweeted out a series of cartoons […]

Vintage Fuller’s, No Doubt

I think I have mentioned in the past that I am quite good at identifying beer appropriate for aging and setting them aside in my cellar. However, I am lousy at pulling them back out again to actually consume. Meaning that I have a bursting cellar space which I must force myself occasionally to rummage […]

Citizen Pale Ale: A Full Moon Doppelganger?

A couple weeks ago I picked up a couple packs from a new Calgary brewery, Citizen Brewing.

(Yes, I know I haven’t done a profile on them yet. I apologize. Life is hard. I promise to get to it very soon.)

Anyway, I opened their North West Pale Ale, and immediately recognized it. I knew […]

Peanut Butter. Milk. Stout. Whaa?!?

I love peanut butter. And, of course, I love me some milk stout. But when I saw a beer that puts them together, I will admit I was skeptical. I simply am not sure those flavours belong together, despite how many times I have spread peanut butter on a piece of dark chocolate.

That said, […]

Upstreet’s Go Devil Goes Down Just Fine

A friend went to PEI this summer on a family vacation. And proving they are a rather great friend, they brought me back some beer to try. Gahan Brewing (PEI Brewing) is a longtime staple of the PEI beer scene (meaning they were the only one for many years) and have at times sold in […]

I Am Bound to Have Another Metes and Bounds

Sometimes you just have to ignore your inner curmudgeon and just go with the beer flow. At least I do.

Take the new-ish trend of creating so-called XPA – Extra Pale Ale. It is supposed to a beer that lands somewhere between a pale ale and an IPA. Conceptually it makes sense but part of […]