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Your Guide to Beering Up your Holiday Season

These people could be having as much fun with beer glasses in their hand.

It is around the holiday season that, more than usual, I find myself imbibing non-beer beverages when attending parties, events, etc. It is not really due to my choice (although sometimes), but more often because beer is simply not on […]

Yet More Beer News

The beer news keeps coming fast and furious in recent weeks. Must be spring! (And it is finally feeling like it!)

First, a couple of interesting events:

In what may be one of the more creative and unique approaches to a beer event, on May 17, Cookie Love and Alley Kat Brewing are co-hosting […]

Souping Up Your Beer

That looks like a good combo…

There has been a bit of growth industry of late examining beer and food pairing. It is a very good thing (and I have certainly done my share of it). Most of it, I find, relates to common dishes – like steak, chicken and so forth – or […]

A Little Pick-Me-Up With Your Beer

Photo courtesy of Vue Weekly

For most of the readers of this website, the notion of coffee in beer is old hat. You are well aware of the effect of adding some coffee to a dark porter or stout (or even the occasional IPA, right Mikkel?). The sharp roast and dark burnt character can […]

So Much for a Quiet Winter Beer Season

Winters are supposed to be the slow season for beer. Sales are down due to the weather. It is a chance for craft brewers to catch their breath, do some maintenance and clear out the backlog of paper work. Apparently not this winter on the prairies. It seems like every week breweries in the three […]

A New Beer Dinner Addition

Another Edmonton restaurant has jumped on board the beer dinner train. Over the past few months Continental Treat Fine Bistro has been re-working its beer list, offering a longer, more balanced range of bottled beer and they are also the first location to carry Koenigshoeven Tripel on tap. They have made enough progress to announce […]

If its Autumn, It Must Be Time for Beer

As I flip my calendar over to September and that evening nip in the air reminds me summer is over (although the days are still quite lovely), I find myself contemplating the coming season’s beer happenings. Having been out of town for much of the spring and summer, I am looking forward to being anchored […]

Yellowhead Brewing, Now Open for Lunch…

Our friends at Yellowhead Brewing in Edmonton called me yesterday with a bit of news. On Saturday July30 they are launching a weekly restaurant/pub service. Every Saturday from 11 to 5 they will open their impressive special events room to the general public as an all-purpose restaurant/pub. (Actually they soft-launched it a couple of weeks […]

Another Edmonton Restaurant Comes to the Beer Side

I don’t get out much, so I am not the best guide to Edmonton’s restaurant scene. Like many, I have a handful of places I enjoy and stick to them. However, walking down Whyte Avenue the other day, I saw a window display for Continental Treat Bistro that had dozens of great import beer. Intrigued […]

St. Paddy’s Day Antidotes

If the base beer is Coors Light … No thanks!

I am not much of a St. Patrick’s Day fan, as I find it over-hyped, focused too much on over-consumption rather than appreciating good beer, and subtly sectarian (it is only the Catholic Irish that wear green; Protestants wear orange). Plus who can get […]