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A Hop Association is Born

On Saturday afternoon Alberta witnessed the creation of something that I am pretty sure almost none of us coming a few years ago. I had the privilege to attend the launch of the Alberta Hop Producers Association. The group has formed to support the growing hop farm industry in Alberta. They want to build a […]

The Value of Blind Tasting and Other Lessons

This past weekend I served as the Head Judge for the Northern Lands Festival beer competition. For those who don’t know Northern Lands, it is a premiere beverage and food event profiled, exclusively, Canadian wine, craft beer and craft spirits along with some of Edmonton’s best restaurants. The second iteration of the event runs May […]

Random Acts of Beerness: Celebration Time!

I know the Xmas season is soon upon us, but it seems like prairie breweries are getting a head start on the festivities. There seem to be a lot of celebrations of various shapes and sizes happening, along with some fascinating other initiatives. So let me get to highlighting some of the beer news that […]

Alley Kat’s High Wire Act with High Level IPA

With all the young, flirtatious upstarts popping up around Alberta, gathering the attentions of the wandering-eye beer consumer, one wonders what the established craft breweries need to do to re-capture some of the attention that used to go their way. Looking at the recent activities of Wild Rose, Alley Kat and others, the plan is […]

Alley Kat Gives us a Full, Prideful Squeeze

Yesterday Alley Kat officially announced the release of a special, one-time beer to support the Edmonton Pride Festival, the annual GLBTQ community’s annual celebration, which officially starts today and runs through the 12th. Called Full Squeeze, the beer is a blend of mainstay Full Moon Pale Ale and their popular Main Squeeze grapefruit beer. $1 […]

Beer News for the Ides of March

March 15 is a dire day if your name is Caesar. However, if you are a craft beer lover then it is a day with another edition of the prairie news round up. Today we have an interesting mixture of beer releases, brewery openings and policy changes. I will start with the policy stuff.

The […]

Alley Kat Brings Back Original Full Moon

The retro Full Moon label

Over a year ago, Alley Kat shifted the recipe for one of their most respected mainstays. Full Moon Pale Ale defined the style in western Canada for many years. Its fresh, citrusy hop and satisfying caramel malt base offered a great example of what a pale ale can be.


The Beer Keeps Flowing

It has only been a couple of weeks since my last news round up (read here), but the news has been flowing fast and furious so I felt I should put out another news roundup before I drown in all the happenings.

Much of this post has to do with Alberta, where much of the […]

All the Beer News That’s Fit to Drink

Over the past couple weeks a huge amount of beer news has piled, not even counting the ongoing debate about Alberta’s mark-up policy (read here if you have missed it). So here is the latest rundown of what is happening around the prairies. The usual caveats and proclamations apply.

I might as well start with […]

Your Pre-Xmas Beer News

It has been less than a month since my last news round-up, but with the list of updates and news I have to cover today, you would think it was months since my last news post. And I suspect we haven’t heard all of the Xmas-related announcements yet.

So let me get straight to it […]