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Peace on Earth and Good Beer to All Humans

The holiday season is one of those times when other aspects of life take a back seat, even if just for a couple of days. It is the only period where we are given permission to drop everything and just spend time with family and appreciating what the universe has blessed us with. So, like […]

We Now Return You to Regularly Scheduled Programming

It has been a hell of a week. Last Wednesday, hours after posting about the launch of Ribstone Creek Brewing, was hacked. Some evil-doer broke into my server account and re-directed my site to some Spanish travel site. It has taken 10 days to fix the havoc the hacker created. But I am back!

[…] Goes East

For the next few weeks, you may notice a less attentive Life circumstances have sent me to Halifax for a couple of months, where I will be mostly working my butt off on non-beer things. What that means for this space is that my posts will be a little less regular and you likely […]