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Calling Out Corb Lund and Budweiser

A screen capture of the Corb Lund Budweiser ad.

I am calling out Corb Lund. I don’t normally do this. I try to stay positive while still being honest. I don’t normally criticize an individual over a beer decision. But today I make an exception.

Yesterday an ad was released (or at least I […]

Budweiser’s Infuriating “Alberta Made” Ad

Over the weekend I was watching a CBC program online and noticed an odd ad kept playing at the commercial breaks. It was an ad for Budweiser. The first time I saw it, I was perplexed. The more I watched it (CBC has the annoying habit of playing the same ads during each online break) […]

Labatt-ABInbev Trying to Have it Both Ways?

Labatt wants you to think they have nothing to do with this beer.

When ABInbev aired its Bud Superbowl commercial extolling the virtues of boring, pale lager with its caricatures of moustachioed hipsters sniffing goblets of “pumpkin peach ale” I chose to give a pass on commenting (I refuse to embed the video on […]

More Clever Advertising

Our Breckenridge friends are back at it

A long while back, I profiled some clever ads by Breckenridge Brewing out of Colorado (here is the original post on it). I wanted ot highlight for their originality, clever wit and pure mockery of the big boy marketing claims. I have always found craft beer advertising […]

Ice-T, Ultra and Other “Lifestyle” Beer

Beer companies have, since at least the invention of beer, tried to link their beer to fun, exciting, cool times. This is old hat. Beer (or at least corporate beer) has always been sold on the basis of lifestyle fantasy rather than flavour.

But I just watched, in quick succession, new ads for Coors Light […]

A Curious Labatt Campaign

The other day I received an email from Labatt’s Edmonton media relations firm promoting their new “bobblehead” campaign, which attempts to discourage drinking and driving. It is a series of videos featuring anthropomorphized bobblehead dolls talking about their experiences. They are all damaged, both physically and emotionally, from sitting on a dashboard when their inebriated […]