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Piling Up Good Beer the Focus of Pile O’ Bones

Its amazing what can happen when four avid homebrewers stumble across a commercial brewing system. About a year ago Glenn Valgardson, David Freeman, Brent Babyak and Josh Morrison, who are all longtime homebrewers and stalwarts of Regina’s Ale and Lagers Enthusiasts of Saskatchewan (ALES) – one of the country’s biggest and most successful homebrew clubs […]

Soggy Barley and Why It Is a Problem

On Wednesday I got a couple of media calls asking me about the problem of “soggy barley”. (You can watch the CBC-Edmonton interview here – it starts at 18:59). At first I wasn’t sure what they were referring to, but once they explained it was the issue of a poor malting barley crop due to […]

Troubled Monk Medals at World Beer Cup

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News drifted out this weekend that among the winners of the 2016 World Beer Cup, associated with the Brewers’ Association Craft Beer Conference, was Red Deer’s Troubled Monk. The upstart brewery scooped up a Silver medal in the American-Style Brown Ale category. Needless to say this is quite the coup […]

Craft Beer Advent-ures: The Final Chapter

Well, Xmas is almost here and the Advent Calendar box sits empty, lonely and just about forgotten. Good thing its contents will live on in our memories (and floating around the interweb). For those just joining me, this is my weekly rundown of the beer in the 2015 Craft Beer Advent Calendar (read the first […]

The Beer District

In what has unintentionally become a series on new Saskatchewan-based breweries (see other profiles here and here), I today profile Regina’s new entrant in what is Saskatchewan’s microbrewery mini-boom. District Brewing is Regina’s first non-brewpub microbrewery in the modern era. And they launch on the scene this fall high in confidence and with a savvy […]

Gosing Good Old T.O.

Whenever I go on a trip, I make a point of bringing home some local beer to sample post-unpacking. With all of my travels this summer, I have quite the full beer shelf at the moment. In the coming weeks, as I slowly wend my way through some of my gatherings, I will highlight a […]

Edmonton Beer Fest Contest Winners!

As promised, I have selected the winners for the Edmonton Craft Beer Festival contest (see rules and prizes here). I have to say, you didn’t make it easy on me. I had lots of entries, most carefully considered and persuasive. It took me quite a while to winnow the list down to the winners. I […]

The End of End of Days Not Yet Nigh

Just before Xmas, Brewsters brewpub chain released an Extreme Ale (their words) to mark the end of the world according to the Mayans (well the people who misinterpreted the Mayan calendar system, but that is beside the point). They tapped it on Friday December 21 – the supposed last day of the Mayan calendar, and, […]