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Wall Government Makes Mark-ups Political

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall

A story published on the Edmonton Journal website yesterday afternoon (read here) reports that the Saskatchewan government of Brad Wall is speaking out against the new Alberta mark-up policy announced last week (read my overview of it here). In particular they are suggesting it runs “counter to the spirit and […]

Prairie Breweries Score Modestly at CBAs

The results of the 2016 Canadian Brewing Awards were announced Saturday night in Vancouver (see the full results here). As usual, B.C. breweries won an disproportionate number of medals, with Ontario falling second. However, perusing the list I was pleasantly surprised at the prairie brewery results.

[Note: Post edited shortly after publishing to include Black […]

B.C. Lowers Mark-ups, Saskatchewan Privatizes

A couple of interesting news bits this week.Thought I would offer a quick rundown on both and what they might mean in the region.

B.C. Lowers Mark-Ups

Last Friday the B.C. government moved to reduce the mark-ups on craft beer (press release here). As of July 3, the mark-up rate for small brewers will drop […]

April Showers Bring May New Beer

Someone really should tell prairie breweries to chill their heels and stop being so darned busy and productive. Just kidding. But I am constantly amazed these days at just how much stuff is going on with craft beer in the region – and that is only the things I hear about, which increasingly misses bit […]

Saskatchewan Liquor Privatization: Devil’s in the Details

On Monday night Saskatchewan voters handily re-elected Brad Wall’s Saskatchewan Party with a majority government. Part of Mr. Wall’s platform addressed the issue of liquor retail privatization. Specifically their platform promised this:

“Convert 40 government-owned liquor stores to private stores and add 12 new private liquor stores in Saskatchewan to provide more choice, […]

Beer News for the Ides of March

March 15 is a dire day if your name is Caesar. However, if you are a craft beer lover then it is a day with another edition of the prairie news round up. Today we have an interesting mixture of beer releases, brewery openings and policy changes. I will start with the policy stuff.

The […]

Churchill Brewing Steps Forward

For the last year there has been a brewery operating under the noses of Saskatoon residents and they didn’t even know it. Until now.

Churchill Brewing is the brainchild of brothers Ryan and Curtis Peet and they hope over the next couple years to make a fairly big splash in the Saskatchewan beer scene. Involved […]

Your First News Round-Up of 2016

As readers nurse their New Years’ Eve hangovers, I thought it might help get your mind off your headache to give you the latest news from breweries around the prairies. Another new round of beer you can try as hair of the dog.

Of course, all of this news actually came out in 2015, but […]

And Back to Regular Beer News…

Obviously the big news in the beer scene on the prairies this month has been the change to Alberta’s mark up regime. But I have said enough about that (in case, somehow, you missed it, you can read here and here), so allow me to return to a standard news roundup to get you all […]

A Fall Kaleidoscope of Beer News

I haven ‘t done a news round up in a while, so it might be time to get to one. The news has piled up a bit in the round-up’s absence.

Keep in mind there are still the last couple Alberta Beer Week events ongoing in the next day or two, including the Edmonton Beer […]