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2017 CBAs Full of Surprises; 17 Prairie Medals

Over the weekend the results of the 2017 Canadian Brewing Awards were announced (see the full winners’ list here).

I can honestly say they were full of surprises. Lots of new names on the list and a fascinating equality between regions (to a degree). There were more than a dozen breweries where I either barely […]

Multigrain, Multi-Brewery, All Saskatchewan

Tomorrow a new collaboration beer is released upon the populace of Saskatchewan. The newly formed Saskatchewan Craft Brewers Association (SCBA), whose membership are the real all-grain breweries in the province, will be releasing their first collaborative beer. Every member of the SCBA – currently 13 strong – participated in the design and brewing of the […]

RAOB: The “Why Didn’t I Get to This Sooner?” Edition

Blind Enthusiasm’s shiny new brewhouse

It has been a while since I have gotten to a Random Acts of Beerness (now with a hip acronym – RAOB!). Not that there hasn’t been beer news that has caught my attention. It is more that I have been swimming hard just to stay afloat with everything. […]

Piling Up Good Beer the Focus of Pile O’ Bones

Its amazing what can happen when four avid homebrewers stumble across a commercial brewing system. About a year ago Glenn Valgardson, David Freeman, Brent Babyak and Josh Morrison, who are all longtime homebrewers and stalwarts of Regina’s Ale and Lagers Enthusiasts of Saskatchewan (ALES) – one of the country’s biggest and most successful homebrew clubs […]

Breaking Beer News You Should Know

The last day or two were busy days in the beer world. There were a number of stories I was tempted to respond to on Twitter, but as I haven’t yet got the hang of that particular platform, I opted to desist. However, there are three stories I feel the need to fill readers in […]

Malty National Set to Conquer the World – Not!

“This is an industry dominated by large corporations pretending to be small and local. We are a tiny little brewery pretending to be a large corporation.”

You gotta love that kind of irreverent attitude.

Those are the words of Kelsey Beach, one of the two founders of Malty National Brewing Corporation, Regina’s newest craft brewery.The […]

Random Acts of Beerness: Start-Up Edition

The big thing that has caught my eye in the last few weeks is the growing list of new breweries opening or soon to be open on the prairies. The recent run of start-ups does not seem to be abating. This, of course, is a good thing for everyone (except lowly beer writers trying to […]

Random Acts of Beerness: Beer Guides and Beer Weeks

Welcome to the second installment of Random Acts of Beerness, my occasional effort to update people on beer happenings on the prairies in a rather random, haphazard way (read here for an explanation of its origins).

Your Guide to the (Beer) Stars

Last weekend, Alberta’s version of The Growler, B.C.’s quarterly guide to local beer, […]

Welcome to Random Acts of Beerness

A rare photo of me on this website. Just Because. Photo courtesy of Edmonton Journal.

When I started this website over 6 years ago (!!) it was with two explicit functions. First,it was an outlet for writing, observations and ramblings that couldn’t fit into my regular columns. Second, and most importantly, it was going […]

Some Info on the Saskatchewan Beer Regime

Since Premier Brad Wall decided to go public with his concerns about Alberta’s recent policy change (read here and here for background), and since the premiers are going to meet today to talk about this stuff, I thought I would offer up an overview of how the Saskatchewan beer system works.

This is based on […]