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OGC Aiming to be One Great Brewery

Anyone who is of a certain vintage will remember driving into Winnipeg and being greeted by the blue and gold signs proclaiming Winnipeg to be “One Great City”. Those of a younger age (thankfully I straddle both!) will recognize the phrase as a title to a Weakerthans song which was something of a (punk-like) homage […]

Random Acts of Beerness: Start-Up Edition

The big thing that has caught my eye in the last few weeks is the growing list of new breweries opening or soon to be open on the prairies. The recent run of start-ups does not seem to be abating. This, of course, is a good thing for everyone (except lowly beer writers trying to […]

Random Acts of Beerness: Beer Guides and Beer Weeks

Welcome to the second installment of Random Acts of Beerness, my occasional effort to update people on beer happenings on the prairies in a rather random, haphazard way (read here for an explanation of its origins).

Your Guide to the (Beer) Stars

Last weekend, Alberta’s version of The Growler, B.C.’s quarterly guide to local beer, […]

Welcome to Random Acts of Beerness

A rare photo of me on this website. Just Because. Photo courtesy of Edmonton Journal.

When I started this website over 6 years ago (!!) it was with two explicit functions. First,it was an outlet for writing, observations and ramblings that couldn’t fit into my regular columns. Second, and most importantly, it was going […]

Nonsuch Brewing about to Set Sail

I think Winnipeg may be the site of Canada’s quietest beer explosion. A spate of breweries have just opened (including Barn Hammer and Peg Brewing) or are about to (such as Torque Brewing), but no one has been talking about it, except me. And even I have been remiss lately (in part due to Alberta’s […]

Prairie Breweries Score Modestly at CBAs

The results of the 2016 Canadian Brewing Awards were announced Saturday night in Vancouver (see the full results here). As usual, B.C. breweries won an disproportionate number of medals, with Ontario falling second. However, perusing the list I was pleasantly surprised at the prairie brewery results.

[Note: Post edited shortly after publishing to include Black […]

April Showers Bring May New Beer

Someone really should tell prairie breweries to chill their heels and stop being so darned busy and productive. Just kidding. But I am constantly amazed these days at just how much stuff is going on with craft beer in the region – and that is only the things I hear about, which increasingly misses bit […]

All the Beer News That’s Fit to Drink

Over the past couple weeks a huge amount of beer news has piled, not even counting the ongoing debate about Alberta’s mark-up policy (read here if you have missed it). So here is the latest rundown of what is happening around the prairies. The usual caveats and proclamations apply.

I might as well start with […]

Your First News Round-Up of 2016

As readers nurse their New Years’ Eve hangovers, I thought it might help get your mind off your headache to give you the latest news from breweries around the prairies. Another new round of beer you can try as hair of the dog.

Of course, all of this news actually came out in 2015, but […]

Your Pre-Xmas Beer News

It has been less than a month since my last news round-up, but with the list of updates and news I have to cover today, you would think it was months since my last news post. And I suspect we haven’t heard all of the Xmas-related announcements yet.

So let me get straight to it […]