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Beer Academy Is for Real

During my trip to T.O. a couple weeks back, I made a point of visiting Beer Academy, the brewpub/restaurant/beer tasting room opened last year by Six Pints Specialty Beer Company, the Molson spin-off that houses Granville Island and Creemore Springs. I wanted to stop by because I wanted to see for myself whether the place […]

(Premature) Last Rites for the Wild Rose Tap Room

The cozy atmosphere of the Wild Rose Taproom will soon be no more.

I was in Calgary briefly this weekend for a work commitment. Just one night, which meant I couldn’t arrange much. But I did decide to make the trip to Wild Rose’s Tap Room since I knew I could get a couple […]

Hangin’ Out At the Old Tankhouse

I am in Toronto for a conference related to my day job (usually the only way I get out of town). I flew in Tuesday and the conference didn’t start until Wednesday, meaning I had a few hours of classic beer time. I knew I could hit a couple of Toronto’s beer pubs, quietly have […]

The Edmonton Beer Revolution Starts Today

The Edmonton location of Beer Revolution officially opens its doors today. I was fortunate to be invited to a “soft launch” on Saturday to get a sneak peak and sample a pint or two. Beer Revolution, for the uninitiated is the Brewster’s Brewpub chain’s foray into craft beer not brewed by them. The first location […]

Corporate Belgian Cafe Chain Comes to Edmonton

According to Canadian Beer News, last week Canada’s first Belgian Beer Cafe location had its grand opening in the Edmonton International Airport. Belgian Beer Cafe is an ABInbev-owned international chain of beer cafes, specializing in Belgian offerings, with the new location operated by an Edmonton-based restaurant chain that operates local Chili’s restaurants among others. It […]

Fort Mac to Get Brewpub; Village All Bottled Up

In doing some research the other day for the story on possible changes to the mark-up rates, I stumbled across a little tidbit of information worthy of following up. It appears – and I have since confirmed – that Fort McMurray is about to get its first brewpub – Wood Buffalo Brewing Company.

Brett Ireland […]

Mercer Me

I made it to Edmonton’s latest pub entry the other day – a mere few days after its grand opening. The Mercer Tavern is in a long-neglected former warehouse on 104 Street and 103 Avenue.. This has been an area much neglected over the past couple decades, but is likely to shine in the coming […]

Now a Pearson Layover Ain’t So Bad

Many of you will remember my rant a few weeks back about the dearth of decent beer offerings in Canadian airports. It still stand by it (although it is hardly controversial), but I do wish to now add a caveat. I had a chance during a recent layover in Toronto’s Pearson airport to pop into […]

Talkin’ ‘Bout a (Beer) Revolution

I know I am supposed to be in Halifax right now, but I made a short side trip to speak at a conference in Calgary last week (okay, “sidetrip” doesn’t really describe a cross-continent flight, but it was short time-wise). Taking advantage of my time there, I snagged a couple hours of free time to […]

What a Year Can Do

Last year when I was in Halifax, I wrote – and not flatteringly – about the Rock Bottom Brewpub (read the review here). Quite simply, it didn’t offer real beer made locally, and it showed. They shipped wort from B.C. and tried to pass it off as locally made beer. I was pissed off at […]