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Wanna Sell the Beer You Make in Your Garage?

From this…

Then move to Portland.

In Portland the jump from homebrewer to commercial brewery is smaller than anywhere else I know. Two cases in point: The Commons Brewery and Green Dragon Brew Crew. I will write in more detail about each of these interesting projects later, but I wanted to highlight how the […]

What We Do for the Joy of Homebrewing

My homebrew system in its old location

I normally don’t write much about my homebrewing. I have been a proud homebrewer for almost 23 years, but I want this to be a broadly accessible site of interest to many types of beer appreciators. As much as I love homebrewing I am well aware a […]

A White IPA Three-Way

The “hot” beer of the summer has to be White IPA. It went from nowhere a couple of years ago to everywhere this year. It’s growth in popularity really is something else. It shouldn’t be too surprising. It has a fantastic combination of sharp, citrusy witbier characteristics with a unique hop bite.

As I think […]

One Rye-itous Experiment

A field of rye, which sacrificed its life for Chad’s 100% Rye Beer.

A year ago, my homebrewing friend, Chad, gave me a sample of his 100% wheat beer experiment (the results of which you can read about here). It was a really cool lesson in the effects of wheat on beer. Well, this […]

Why I Love Stubbies

I, it seems, have developed a reputation among Edmonton beer people as “the stubby guy”. And, no, it is not a reference to my diminutive height (or other things). It is because I am rather obsessive about stubby beer bottles.

You see, I adore stubbies. I believe they are the perfectly designed beer bottle, especially […]

All the Wheat and Nothing but the Wheat

By now most of you will know about single hop beer, when a brewer makes up a series of beer using a single different hop variety each time. It is designed to accent the effects of that one hop, educating drinkers on how to distinguish between hops. I really like that concept.

Unfortunately it is […]

The Wonders of Beer and Making It

My Morebeer "Brew Sculpture" in Action

Sometimes life aligns in a way that brings into clarity that which you appreciate and value. Yesterday was one of those days for me. For yesterday I brewed a couple batches of beer. Normally not an earth-shattering event (and certainly not post-worthy). But yesterday was a bit different. […]

A Homebrewing Dad’s Best Present!

Sampling the Xmas Present

So on Christmas I got what may be the best possible beer-related gift. No, it wasn’t a counter-pressure bottling system or a kegerator. It was a single bottle of beer.

What made it special was that it was brewed by my eldest daughter, who is in Montreal these days. Without […]