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Some History with Your Pints

The museum at BDT

One of the cool things from my late spring trip to Montreal and Ottawa (see posts here and here) that didn’t get reported right away was my side trip to Gatineau (formerly Hull) one afternoon. The Capital Region city on the Quebec side of the river has two brewpubs – […]

Wanna Learn about Edmonton’s Beer History?

One of the more obvious stops on the Edmonton beer history tour.

I mentioned the other day (read here) that this coming Saturday (October 3) I am being tour guide for a bus of enthusiastic beer and history fans. It is the second installment of the Edmonton Heritage Council’s Beer History Tour. The first […]

What Your Beer Tasted Like a Century Ago

My Beer 101 column for September takes a look at three fairly well known styles and contemplates what they might have tasted like in the time of their origin. You can read the colmun here. The impetus for the article was my experience in the spring brewing up an historical stout with Neil at Alley […]

The Past, Present and Future of Craft Beer in Edmonton

Graphic courtesy of Vue Weekly.

The current issue of Vue Weekly is their annual Beer Issue, where significantly more column inches are devoted to the grand elixir than the usual To The Pint column every couple weeks. This year I am the author of three pieces in the section. And I decided to go […]

Alley Kat: 20 Years of Scratching out Good Beer

Mayor Don Iveson toasts Alley Kat’s 20th Anniversary, with a beer in hand appropriately. (Photo courtesy Greg Zeschuk as I stupidly forgot my camera)

Under mostly sunny skies (plus a short hailstorm) on Saturday afternoon, 350 of Alley Kat Brewing’s closest friends celebrated the 20th Anniversary of Edmonton’s longest standing craft brewer. The Alley […]

Girder Bender, Behind the Scenes

Neil Herbst stirs the mash while brewing Girder Bender Historical Stout while your humble author looks on.

As I mentioned here, last month the Edmonton Heritage Council hosted a beer history tour of Edmonton. One of the cooler aspects of the tour was an heritage beer made exclusively for the tour. The organizers rather […]

Tour Edmonton’s Beer History

One of the more obvious stops on the Edmonton beer history tour.

Traditionally the prairies have not been particularly good at preserving and honouring our history. Historic buildings are razed for strip malls and mega-stores. Our public spaces focus more on looking forward than back. Things are getting better. We are slowly realizing that […]

Take a Sip of History

In this day and age full of hopped-up IP-Everythings, it can be very easy to forget the origins of the style India Pale Ale. Before the Americans brought their big and brash to IPAs, the British had long been taking their own approach to the style. A modern British IPA is a fruitier, more balanced […]

Rising from the Dead

My most recent Beer 101 column arises from a pub session where, by chance, I found myself drinking only beer whose styles were at one time considered either extinct or restricted to a very narrow local population. The coincidence led to a pit of pondering about the role of craft beer in resurrecting dead styles […]

Ed McNally Passes Away at Age 89

Big Rock announced today that its founder, Ed McNally, has passed away. He was 89. This is significant news for craft beer lovers on the prairies, as Mr. McNally was a pioneer in craft beer in Canada and richly deserves to be honoured for his many beer-related achievements.

I wrote about my thoughts on McNally […]