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A Beer to Stop Pipelines?

I learned of a political beer initiative the other day. It is called Coule Pas Chez Nous!, and it is a collaboration beer by an advocacy group of the same name partnering with 20 Quebec breweries. Some of the proceeds of the beer will go to fund the group’s campaign to stop the Energy East […]

Random Acts of Beerness: Rumours Edition

An Oilers Nation branded beer is coming to Edmonton

It has been a while since I have attempted a Random Acts post (they are turning out to be ALMOST as time consuming to prepare as my previous news roundups). Life has been busy.

This post I don’t want to focus so much on the […]

The Corporation, the Retiree and Beer for Life

Today I want to wade into an issue that, in general, is not the territory of this website – even though it is a beer industry-related story. I am not entirely sure why I feel the need to write about it. Maybe it is because it is a rare confluence of my day job and […]

Court Grants Injunctions in Mark-Up Cases

Earlier today (Nov 10) a Calgary judge granted injunctions to Great Western Brewing and Steam Whistle as part of their ongoing legal challenges to the Alberta government’s beer mark-up policy (read the CBC story here). For background on the issue read my previous posts here and here.

Officially, Steam Whistle’s injunction is an extension on […]

Breaking Beer News You Should Know

The last day or two were busy days in the beer world. There were a number of stories I was tempted to respond to on Twitter, but as I haven’t yet got the hang of that particular platform, I opted to desist. However, there are three stories I feel the need to fill readers in […]

Another Beer Mark Up Lawsuit

And Great Western makes three.

There are now three lawsuits (okay, two lawsuits and a trade complaint) against the Alberta government’s new beer mark-up policy. Saskatoon’s Great Western Brewing officially launched a lawsuit yesterday (read one of a few possible media stories here). They join Toronto’s Steam Whistle and Calgary importer Artisan Ales in challenging […]

Wildrose Beer Policy an Embarrassment

Yesterday the opposition Wildrose Party (not to be confused with Calgary’s Wild Rose Brewing) in Alberta released a policy plan (read here) around the beer industry. It is a response to the NDP government’s recent series of announcements (read here for background). They call it their “6-Pack Plan for Alberta Beer Producers and Consumers”.

I […]

Trade Complaint Over Mark-Ups to Go Forward

A complaint under the Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT) – a trade deal signed between provinces and the federal government in 1994 – against the Alberta government’s new mark-up policies has been forwarded to a formal hearing, according to a press release from the Canadian Constitution Foundation. The complaint was formally filed by import agency […]

Beer Grant Good For Alberta Brewers; Unlikely to Quell Opposition

Agriculture Minister Oneil Carlier, ASBA ED Terry Rock and Finance Minister Joe Ceci pull a couple pints. (Photo courtesy of Calgary Herald)

As I feared/suspected, the Alberta government announced the details of its brewery grant program last week while I was being completely, joyously unproductive. But you wouldn’t know it from reading the media […]

The Beer Kerfuffle Keeps Going

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley

Wow! People are really worked up about Alberta’s policy changes and the war of words between Premiers Notley and Wall. The coverage and debate just keeps going on and on. I have had (likely more) than my share of media requests. Maybe it is good that people are that passionate […]