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Break Up Beer?

This squirrel feels your pain.

I often say there is a beer for every occasion. Formal, informal, celebratory, consoling. A number of times I have written about matching beer with occasions, such as the recently passed Valentine’s Day. I have done it enough that my editors at Planet S and Prairie Dog got a […]

Anyone You Might Recogize?

I believe it is a sign of emotional maturity of someone can make fun of their own quirks and tendencies. It helps us all maintain a sense of perspective.

I am a beer geek. I admit that. I am well aware that my knowledge of beer outstrips most people. That is nothing to be ashamed […]

A Time and Place

I went to the final of the Brier last night down at the concrete circle I stubbornly still call Northlands Coliseum. While the game was not that great (although Stoughton’s spin-a-rama to concede the game was highly entertaining), I did get the pleasant surprise of not being forced to buy over-priced Molson Canadian in plastic […]

How Wasps Help Create Your Beer


You might want to be nicer to this common garden pest, as your beer may depend on it.

Stop!! Before you smack or trap that pesky wasp looking to snack on your picnic lunch, you need to read this. Wasps should be beer lovers’ friends. They might mess up your backyard BBQ, scare […]

What Goes With Alligator?

My latest Vue Weekly submission, on newstands now, is, well, different. The wine columnist and I were given the challenge by our editor of pairing our favourite beverage with four exotic and unusual meats: python, alligator, muskox and kangaroo.

I am not kidding.

So I took my best shot at it, suggesting beer that I […]

Sexy Saskatchewan

Who knew? Saskatchewan apparently has the sexiest beer. At least according to this curious Globe and Mail article from last week it does (thanks to Chad for pointing it out to me). Apparently potassium has been found to be something of an aphrodisiac (not that I would want to eat it straight…) as it stimulates […]

For the “Odd Things to do with Beer” File…

If you ask me, this is one heck of a waste of beer! But according to the CBC in this story, Dean Gunnarson is attempting to be the first person in the world to successfully escape from a vat of beer. Yes, you read that right – beer. Well, you gotta credit this Winnipeg boy […]