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Some History with Your Pints

The museum at BDT

One of the cool things from my late spring trip to Montreal and Ottawa (see posts here and here) that didn’t get reported right away was my side trip to Gatineau (formerly Hull) one afternoon. The Capital Region city on the Quebec side of the river has two brewpubs – […]

Brewing Up an Ethical Brewery

It will come as no surprise to regular readers of this website that I bring a bit of social conscience to my passion for good beer. I believe beer is a product that can be made with an eye to the environment and to good social and ethical values.

So you can appreciate my interest […]

The Burnabarians are at the Tafel!

I have noticed recently that a few of the latest wave of B.C. breweries have snuck their way into the Alberta market. I have been sampling them in dribs and drabs, just to get a sense of things. One that caught my attention fairly early on is Dageraad Brewing from Burnaby. They have been open […]

Something Old, Something New in Montreal

The bar at Isle de Garde

As I have mentioned in previous posts, my summer travels included stops in Ottawa and Montreal. My Ottawa beer adventures were chronicled here. Meanwhile, while I had highlighted one Montreal place in this post, I hadn’t yet written up my experiences on this trip.

Partly that is because […]

Dungarvan a Pleasant Surprise

I like surprises. Especially beer surprises.

I got one recently that grew up in to my latest Vue Weekly column (which you can read here). While perusing the new arrivals shelf of my local beer store, I found a couple of beer from a brewery called Dungarvan Brewing Company. The label indicated they are Irish. […]

A Parliament of Craft Beer

No, the House of Commons isn’t yet serving craft beer, but Ottawa is catching onto the craft wave.

During my spring travels east (which I talked about a bit here), I spent a few days in Ottawa. I have been to Ottawa a few times over the years and distinctly remember on my last […]

The Past, Present and Future of Craft Beer in Edmonton

Graphic courtesy of Vue Weekly.

The current issue of Vue Weekly is their annual Beer Issue, where significantly more column inches are devoted to the grand elixir than the usual To The Pint column every couple weeks. This year I am the author of three pieces in the section. And I decided to go […]

Torpedo Offers a Hop Explosion

My latest Vue Weekly column is part profile, part beer review. I look at the first release from Two Sergeants Brewing, the soon-to-be Fort Saskatchewan brewery (read the article here). For the moment they are contract brewing with Tool Shed in Calgary.

I have profiled Two Sergeants on this website before (here) so will dispense […]

A Silk Purse of a Rig Pig

It may seem like I would have reviewed this beer years ago, but I actually have never written a word about Brewsters’ Rig Pig Pale Ale. Not because it wasn’t worth a review. The main hurdle was its limited availability – having for years only been available at the various Brewsters locations around the province.


This Banquet is More of a Wieners and Beans Thing

I wasn’t going to write about it. Honestly I wasn’t. I told myself that there was no point in reviewing Coors Banquet; that I was only giving it more profile.

But then I heard all of those damned ads extolling its long history back to 1873, that it was an original Adolph Coors recipe and […]