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Vue Weekly’s Beer Issue is Out!

Vue Weekly’s annual Beer Issue is out, available at racks around town and online. The venerable alt-weekly in Edmonton has offered a corner of its magazine to my beer column for over a decade now, but I always get excited when they devote the cover and additional space for beer.

This year I contribute three […]

Qualities of a Great Pub

One of my favourite pubs in Canada

I spend a lot of time in pubs. Not a surprise. But while I find myself in a wide range of places at times, I gravitate to pubs that have the right atmosphere and a great (or at least intelligent) selection of beer. I have been travelling […]

Beer Myths, Beer Trends and More

Image courtesy of Vue Weekly

I always like the end of June. In part because that is Vue Weekly’s annual Beer Issue. Sure, I like the fact that the issue gives me a fair bit of column inches (usually I write 3 different pieces), but mostly I appreciate that a local paper is committing […]

What IBUs Are and Aren’t

Recently I have had a couple of odd interactions with customers at one of my beer tasting events. I would be chatting about a beer and the person (so far always male, but not making any generalizations) would ask “how many IBUs in the beer?”

I found I would pause momentarily, mostly because I hadn’t […]

The American Drunk Monks

Regular readers of this site know that I have a soft spot for the Trappist breweries – or as I like to call them, the Drunk Monks. I am not Catholic (far from it) but I really appreciate the idea of monks incorporating the creation of good beer into their duties, and doing so both […]

Goosing a Classic IPA

In the past few months, it seemed hardly a week went by without news of one of the big corporate breweries buying up an independent craft brewery. Heck, ABInbev bought out three in one week at the end of December. Big names and lesser known breweries both seem to be the target of the big […]

It May Not Work as Promised But It Tastes Good

It may have the most hope-inspiring name of all beer names. Aphrodisiaque. The classic and inspired stout from Dieu du Ciel seems to promise more than a beer can normally offer.

Sadly, it can’t deliver, at least in that respect. Beer is generally not an aphrodisaque, quite the opposite most of the time. But if […]

The Annual Crystal Ball Column

It is an annual rite of passage for a subject matter writer. Whether it be food, music, film or politics, around this time of year editors invariably ask for predictions for the year to come. As the accommodating fellow that I am, I was happy to oblige the good folks at Vue Weekly for a […]

Some History with Your Pints

The museum at BDT

One of the cool things from my late spring trip to Montreal and Ottawa (see posts here and here) that didn’t get reported right away was my side trip to Gatineau (formerly Hull) one afternoon. The Capital Region city on the Quebec side of the river has two brewpubs – […]

Brewing Up an Ethical Brewery

It will come as no surprise to regular readers of this website that I bring a bit of social conscience to my passion for good beer. I believe beer is a product that can be made with an eye to the environment and to good social and ethical values.

So you can appreciate my interest […]