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The Year that Was/Will Be

As I sit watching my New Year’s Eve beer cool in the fridge, I ponder the year that was and consider the year that is about to be. More accurately I thought carefully about those things a couple weeks ago when I neared the copy deadline for my year-end columns. But I reflect on those […]

Niagara For Beer Lovers

The interior of Silversmith Brewing’s converted church tap room.

Early this year I spent a few days in the Niagara Region (it took me a while to get around to writing up a column about it). The region, of course is famous for its fertile soil and rapidly expanding wine industry. Drive along the […]

Why Portland is Amazing, Redux

The now-famous Portland Beer Truck.

I know I raved about Portland a couple of months ago and how incredibly amazing the place is for craft beer. Well, the columns I wrote about my trip have been trickling out, giving me another opportunity to wax eloquent about Portland’s charms. (You can read the Planet S […]

What Would Alexander Keith Drink?

The indomitable Alexander Keith

This week the annual “Drinks Issue” of the Saskatchewan magazines I write for, Planet S and Prairie Dog, came out (you can read it here – although you need to scroll down past the short blurb stuff to find my piece). The editors wanted a theme of drinks for famous […]

More Transitions

Who needs Guinness?

A few weeks ago, Planet S/Prairie Dog asked me to look at good beer for transitioning away from macro beer to craft beer. The first installment of that series ran a couple weeks ago (see the post about it here). The second piece is now out (read the Planet S version […]

Moving to Craft, One Step at a Time

From This? …

Anyone who spends any time doing beer education – hell, anyone with a cousin or uncle – knows that the trick to getting a mainstream lager drinker to be open to craft beer is to take it slowly. Offering a Coors Light drinker a bottle of Red Racer IPA is only […]

Green Beer, The Good Kind

I am a couple of days late on this, as it should have gone up on Tuesday (April 22, Earth Day), but my most recent Planet S column looks at the environmental footprint of beer (read it here). It is mostly an introduction to the environmental issues surrounding beer production, and some simple ways to […]

Good, Cheap Beer?

Honesty in Advertising

My most recent column in Planet S/Prairie Dog is sparking some controversy in the flat province (you can read it here). A while back my editors asked if I might do a piece on cheap beer (what the producers of those brands call “the value segment”). I hummed and hawed for […]

Sub-Standard Craft?

Not all craft beer is created equal

My most recent Planet S column focused in on one of the dirty little secrets of craft brewing. Namely, not all craft beer is good. Some is mediocre and, if we entirely honest with ourselves, some of it is just plain sub-standard. You can read the column […]

Break Up Beer?

This squirrel feels your pain.

I often say there is a beer for every occasion. Formal, informal, celebratory, consoling. A number of times I have written about matching beer with occasions, such as the recently passed Valentine’s Day. I have done it enough that my editors at Planet S and Prairie Dog got a […]