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Qualities of a Great Pub

One of my favourite pubs in Canada

I spend a lot of time in pubs. Not a surprise. But while I find myself in a wide range of places at times, I gravitate to pubs that have the right atmosphere and a great (or at least intelligent) selection of beer. I have been travelling […]

Going Overboard on Session Beer?

Earlier this summer in a couple of my columns I mused about the expanded use of the term “session” and whether it really was appropriate. You can read the Beer 101 column here or, if you prefer the Planet S/Prairie Dog version here.

Session ale, of course, has a long and valid history. Some reports […]

Does a Canadian Beer Style Exist?

A few weeks back I was perusing the 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines (yes, I do that for fun) and reflecting how many styles are anchored in a particular region. Not just the obvious of Germany, England and Belgium, but also places like Kentucky, Finland, Italy and Argentina. Beer styles really have a geographic grounding, even […]

Some History with Your Pints

The museum at BDT

One of the cool things from my late spring trip to Montreal and Ottawa (see posts here and here) that didn’t get reported right away was my side trip to Gatineau (formerly Hull) one afternoon. The Capital Region city on the Quebec side of the river has two brewpubs – […]

Saskatchewan’s Beer Revolution

On this site I have recorded the growth of Saskatchewan’s beer scene (as well as Alberta and Manitoba), so regular readers will know that on the prairies, Saskatchewan has had the most impressive jump in its number of craft breweries.

That growth didn’t go unnoticed and so my editors at Planet S/Prairie Dog recently asked […]

More on the Virtues of Temperance (Brewing)

Not long ago I profiled Temperance Brewing, a Saskatoon brewery working to drum up memberships to create western Canada’s first full-fledged brewery coop (read it here). My most recent Planet S/Prairie Dog column also profiles the new project (read that here).

I will admit most of the content is not new – really what is […]

The Americans are Coming (to Saskatchewan)!

Alberta-based readers of this humble missive are long familiar with the recent influx of reputed American craft breweries into their province. New Belgium, Stone, Goose Island and most recently Red Hook have entered the market, with others, including Boulevard, arriving soon. I also remember a few years ago Alberta being the sole outpost for Dogfish […]

Swiftly Building a Reputation

I have written about Black Bridge Brewing a couple of times since they hit the radar on Saskatchewan’s beer scene (like here and here). I will readily admit the Swift Current brewery has impressed me in the early going. No new brewery offers perfect beer – it takes time to iron out the wrinkles and […]

Hopping on the Hops Train

A few months back I wrote a series in Planet S/Prairie Dog looking at how to transition to craft beer, taking newbies one step at a time from pale lager to the accessible zones of craft to the more challenging. I also re-posted them on this website (here and here). One characteristic I didn’t really […]

More on Saskatchewan Liquor Privatization

My latest Planet S/Prairie Dog column delves into the world of politics a little bit, taking another look at the consequences for consumers of liquor retail privatization. I have discussed privatization before (such as here and here) but given that the Saskatchewan government of Brad Wall seems insistent to go down this path, the issue […]