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An Homage to the Drunk Monks

My latest Beer 101 column (read here) offers a look at the monks who brew beer. The Trappists. I know I have written about them before and many, if not most, of you are well familiar with their history, approach and beer.

Still, I am well aware the broader beer world still struggles to understand […]

Our Conflicted Relationship with Pioneers

The arrival of Sierra Nevada to Alberta in the fall was a noteworthy event. Most beer fans were quite happy to find in their local liquor store bottles of SN Pale Ale, Torpedo and other classics from one of the first craft breweries in North America. However, I was surprised at the degree of negative […]

The Historic Beer Thought Experiment, Part Three

I have fallen a bit behind in posting my regular columns recently – life has been noticeably hectic and things like the Advent Calendar took up a fair bit of oxygen. One thing I was working on in the fall was a three-part series offering a thought experiment of what beer we know today might […]

What Your Beer Tasted Like 100 Years Ago, Part Two

In September I started a series in my Beer 101 column exploring what some beer styles today might have tasted a couple hundred years ago. It is intended as a kind of thought experiment, using what historical knowledge I have combined with my understanding of brewing, ingredients and their effects, etc. I don’t claim my […]

Cans are the New Black

The trend is unmistakable, even for someone as thick as I am. Cans are in, big time.

Beer cans, of course, have been around for decades. But for most of that time, they have been the sole domain of mainstream lager and discount beer. Craft wouldn’t be caught dead in a can. Not so much […]

Balanced Doesn’t Mean Boring (Part Two)

Last month I started a two-part series on my Beer 101 column on overlooked beer styles. These are beer that, despite still being satisfying, delicious and challenging to brew, are often overlooked these days by beer aficionados. My first part looked at a number of styles, including pale lagers, that are unfairly maligned (you […]

In Praise of Pale Lager (and Other “Boring” Beer)

In my Beer 101 column this month, I start a two-part series looking at under-appreciated styles – beer that often get overlooked by beer aficionados (which you can read here).

In my various beer travels and beer conversations, I find that certain styles get more love than others. IPAs are always big. Imperial anythings are […]

So Many Beer, So Little Time

I have found recently that trips to the beer store have been more stressful than they used to be. It is simply an issue of possibilities. There are just so many more beer on good store shelves these days than in that past. Not only has the total number of beer grown significantly – from […]

Old World, New World

I hosted a beer tasting a couple months back where one of the beer was Fuller’s IPA. I find it is a quality English-style IPA. We can debate where it ranks in the style, but I think there is no question it is flavourful, well-made and accurately reflects the style profile.

I overheard a table […]

Paths to Craft, Part Three

To close out 2014 my Beer 101 column at the Sherbrooke Liquor website took a look at how to transition non-craft beer friends into the vast world of craft beer. The first couple installments (here and here) looked at the first initial steps away from pale lager, including moderate craft beer with similar profiles and […]