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About Jason Foster

Many people around Edmonton know me and what I do. Most everyone else in the world does not. I am the beer columnist for CBC Radio One’s Edmonton afternoon show, Radioactive, for Vue Weekly magazine in Edmonton and for Planet S magazine in Saskatoon. I also do a regular beer education column on and have occasionally published in numerous other publications.

That is what I do, but my story begins back in University, when I got into homebrewing as a way to procure cheaper beer. Little did I know at the time that fateful decision to mix hopped malt extract with yeast would lead me to an adventure spanning a lifetime.

I am passionate about beer. I marvel at the mysteries of fermentation and the frustrating intricacies of homebrewing. I revel in the flavours and aromas of beer and contend it is a more diverse and complex beverage than wine (and I defy wine aficionados to prove me wrong). My love of drinking (and making) beer led me to become a certified beer judge through the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP).

I also love to talk about beer, which led to the second fateful turn in my life. One night drinking a couple of pints in a pub with friends, I was prattling on about beer in my usual annoying manner. One friend suggested I stop talking about beer and start writing about it. Which is how I ended up where I am today, waxing about beer’s good graces and generally sharing beer education with the world (or at least the small fraction of it that read my columns).

I also offer beer education workshops and beer appreciation events in Edmonton. I have conducted the Beer History workshop for the City of Edmonton, and hosted a variety of charitable and fundraising events around Edmonton.

And I can’t forget to mention that I am a proud member of the Edmonton Homebrewers’ Guild. And I also love to brag about my experience as a professional brewer at Alley Kat Brewing in Edmonton consisting of a grand total of one day, when I helped brew up a beer of my own design for the Taste of Edmonton Festival in 2009.


Despite being a rather non-tech savvy guy, I realized the natural extension of my beer writing is to go online in some fashion. So is my attempt to offer my observations about beer, brewing and the beer industry to the world of the internet (whoever you are). Obviously a work in progress, I see at this time having four functions:

  1. Offer a space for thoughts, observations, rants and meanderings on beer that do not fit into the more rigid formats and timelines of radio and print;
  2. Provide a central repository for my current and past radio and print work;
  3. Highlight craft brewers, particularly in the Prairies, as there is a bit of a void of Western Canadian beer voices;
  4. Create a platform for other beer services and functions I can offer.

At least that is the plan for now. It may grow as we move along. Let’s see how it goes. I hope to post all my new columns as they appear, try to build an archive of past work, and offer regular content for the web only to keep you coming back (I hope).

I hope to keep it accessible and informative, fun and factual. But, trust me, I will be throwing in a little bit of beer politics. I can’t help myself.

I hope you enjoy the journey with me.