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Beau’s Meets Alberta

beauslogoI have long respected Beau’s All Natural, a fast-growing Ottawa-area brewery. On a trip to Ontario a number of years ago I got to try their flagship Lug Tread Lagered Ale (which really is a Kolsch in disguise) and quickly fell in love with it. The proof lies in my review of it which you can read here.

Every time I went to Ontario I sought the beer out, plus also picked up whatever seasonal they had on offer. I have yet to be disappointed. There are a number of breweries where that is the case, but not that many. I actually don’t think I am going out on a limb by describing Beau’s beer as consistently well made and interesting.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, as I mentioned a couple months back (here), they have recently entered the Alberta market. I, personally, find this a significant event – especially in light of the mark-up controversy. Here we find a prominent Ontario brewery entering Alberta despite the current mark-up regime. It does say something around that – but that is a topic for another day.

Today I mention all this because a few weeks back I made Beau’s the focus of my regular CBC column. The posting of the column was delayed, for various reasons, but finally took place a few days ago. You can listen to the full column here.

What I really wanted to do with the piece was highlight not just the beer, but also all the environmental, economic and political work the brewery does. Part of my respect for Beau’s lies in their environmental commitment (being fully organic), their forward-thinking vision (becoming a B-Corp, and sponsoring a brewery in Rwanda), and their commitment to their workers (they are transitioning into an employee-owned operation).

I respect that for some consumers all that stuff is beside the point – they just want to drink good beer (something Beau’s succeeds at as well). You are allowed to just enjoy your beer. However, I find knowing that a brewery is engaged in good works is nice bonus. It doesn’t forgive bad beer, but it makes drinking good beer that much better.

Which is why I wanted to highlight Beau’s and their arrival in Alberta. They make good beer AND they do good things. That works for me.


4 comments to Beau’s Meets Alberta

  • I was planning on visiting a few people in Ontario next summer and visiting their brewery but for now where can I get their product in Calgary ? I’m too lazy right now to Google it. Thanks Boss.

  • You know, I’m sure they’re great, but for some reason “Beau’s All Natural” has always sounded like a discount beer brand to me.

  • Bigsky – here’s a lazy list of places you can pick up Beau’s in AB, including a Calgary listing. Bottles for now, on tap is being explored. (As a former resident of your fair city, I’m happy my beer can be there even if I can’t!) Also, feel free to drop a line when you are coming to Ontario for your tour!

    Owen, decent point to make. When we named the brewery 12 years ago, a lot of people were skittish about things labelled ‘organic’ – and we wanted a name that meant that, but that also meant that we didn’t use cheap corn syrup or adjuncts, that we were brewing traditionally and in small batches, etc. All natural made sense. Since then organics have come a long way, as has the craft beer industry (I don’t need to explain IPA to people anymore! Yahoo!). And the other thing that happened was a lot of brands using ‘all natural’ as a way to greenwash their product – kind of out of our control, but we noticed it and I think has led to feelings like yours. At any rate, our brand refresh is moving away from all natural, to Beau’s Brewing Co. Consider your point well taken!

    • Thanks Jen for the reply. This was a plan already decided months ago and will be dropping buy and staying in the area for a few evenings. The list is pretty substantial and will be picking some up this weekend. Merci

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