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Beer News Fit for Last Minute Gift Shopping

brewstersbluemonkHappy holidays to everyone! But before I go enjoy my final beer advent calendar beer (a fine choice, by the way, to be discussed next week) and shake my presents under the tree, let me offer some last minute beer news suitable for the procrastinatiest of the procrastinators who know have something they can grab at the last second.

As usual, they are in no particular order:

  • Yukon Brewing is over and out with their two latest beer. Over the Moon Milk Stout is their latest bomber series beer and is brewed in the traditional style of a British milk stout, complete with addition of lactose. Out of the Ordinary Ordinary Bitter is an intriguing growler-fill only beer at the brewery. It appears to be brewed as a traditional ordinary bitter – a rare style in these days of big, bold beer. However, I will likely never know as I don’t live in Whitehorse (which might be a blessing or a curse, in December I am not sure which).
  • Brewsters is taking advantage of its newly gained right to retail sales of bottles. Following their release of six-packs earlier in the year, they have just launched two new seasonal beer in bottles, . Fans of Brewsters will be familiar with Blue Monk Barley Wine in a bottle complete with a wax-tipped neck, making it easier to cellar. Complementing it is Brooding Soldier Tripel, a one-time Belgian Abbey ale.
  • Big Rock finishes their crazy 2014 of new releases with their 2014 edition of Cuvée Bru, their Druivenbier, which is a beer-wine hybrid style rarely seen in North America. This second annual vintage was brewed using three varieties of malt, Hallertau hops, Pinot Gris grapes from Therapy Vineyards, and honey sourced from hives kept at the brewery.
  • Popping up around the Edmonton area with unpredictability is Alley Kat’s latest holiday beer. These one-off beer are brewed as a thank you to the brewery’s loyal clients and customers. This year’s version is Happy Holidays Mild, a traditional British Mild. You may find it at a beer bar near you or in bombers if you are in the know.
  • The third beer in Black Bridge Brewery’s troika of initial beer, their IPA, has now been released and is slowly working its way across Saskatchewan and Alberta. It will be interesting to see how it stands against their first two.
  • Staying in Saskatchewan, December 16 marked the official opening of Rebellion Brewing’s taproom. Their beer have been available in select Regina pubs since the early fall, but now you can officially try their beer at the source.
  • RBL_LogoOver in Winnipeg Half Pints have been busy entertaining both themselves and their loyal customers. Alas, most of it will only be accessible if you live in the city. First up is The Mighty Red, their take on an Irish Red ale, offering 4.9% and 17 IBU. It is available only as growler fillers at Manitoba Liquor Marts. Next is King James, brewed as a celebration of their 1000th batch of St. James Pale Ale (yes, you read that right – they have made a MILLION litres of this beer since 2008. Impressive!). It is a maltier, hoppier version of St. James. It, too, will only be available in growlers. Finally, they have begun promoting Test Batch Tuesdays , an opportunity for regulars to drop by the brewery and get growlers of stuff the brewers are trying to see if it is ready for release.
  • Finally, the Edmonton Beer Geeks Anonymous has announced a new cask event for the height of winter. Freeze Your Cask Off will play out just like their annual Cask Day, with a cluster of one-off cask ales on offer, but it will focus on darker and stronger winter-appropriate ales. It will be February 21 from 1 to 7 pm. Tickets are $25 and will likely go fast.

Allow me to wish you and your loved ones a restive and festive holiday season. May all your beer wishes come true. I will try to post once or twice next week if I can. In particular I want to pontificate on my inaugural participation in a DIY beer advent calendar. I will see if I have time. Until then, enjoy your time off and appreciate all the things you have to be thankful for.


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