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Falling for More New Beer

Brewsters_CurlyHorseIPAAnd the fall beer releases just keep on coming! This time with plenty of umlauts to go around!

Time for another news roundup. You know the drill, I offer up what news I have gleaned as of the day of writing, so if something is missed don’t blame me (or blame me but then help me get better info), and I present it in no particular order.

  • First up this month is Great Western Brewing who have not one but two new beer hitting the market. As a fall seasonal they have released Harvest Bock, what they are calling a Helles-style Bock brewed with an addition of brown sugar. While I am pretty sure brown sugar is not traditional in a Bock, it might for an interesting flavour profile. They are also expanding their Original 16 line-up with the launch of Krystall Wheat, which seems from the product information to be a German-esque filtered wheat beer but with an American yeast character (read: not a weizen).
  • Calgary is a busy place this month. Wild Rose’s latest seasonal is just out. Roggen’s Heroes (those of you over 40 will get the pun) is an Oktoberfest-style beer but brewed with rye malt, which they say gives the beer a sharper, spicier edge. An interesting experiment.
  • Big Rock has a new seasonal variety pack designed to straddle the fall and early winter days. Barn Burner includes Trad and Scottish Style Heavy Ale and also includes two new Brewmaster’s Limited Edition beer. Thresher Wheat Lager is made with caramelized wheat malt to give it a fall feel. Steel Cut Oatmeal Raisin Stout is a more wintery offering, although I don’t think there are actually any raisins in it.
  • And what may be the biggest small news, Dandy Brewing Company (which I profiled here) is up and running, officially making it Alberta’s first nano-brewery. Two of their beer can now be found around Calgary. Golden Brown Dandy Ale  and Dandy in the Underworld Sweet Oyster Stout can both be found in 650-ml bottles (and the occasional cask) in select locations.
  • Not one to be left out (and completing the Calgary cycle), next week Village Brewing will be releasing its latest seasonal, Village Brünette, a dunkelweizen and our first umlaut beer of the month. At the same time, the third in the brewery’s Village Square mixed pack series (each box is designed by a different Calgary artist), will be launched. The pack will include Brünette along with two other mainstay beer.
  • district_sasktoberfestAnd a final, sort of, Calgary story. The Brewsters Brewpub chain officially launched six-packs sold in liquor stores. The roll out began at the end of September, first with Willow Park in Calgary, but with plans to soon be available in most beer-oriented stores around the province. Six of the regular Brewsters beer will be sold in stores: Wild West Wheat Ale, River City Raspberry Ale, Brewfoot Blueberry Ale, Hammerhead Red Ale, Rig Pig Pale Ale and Curly Horse IPA. With the launch also comes a new packaging, offer bright colours and simple design features on the six pack boxes to help them stand out on the shelf.
  • Continuing with the umlaut trend, District Brewing in Regina has released its first ever seasonal beer. Sasktöberfestbier is a German-style Marzen that will only be available for a short period of time (it may be gone by now for all we know).
  • Moving north, the mighty Yukon Brewing’s entry into the pumpkin beer derby has arrived in Alberta. The Angry Hessian, first released as part of their now discontinued A.D.D. Series, this year comes in 650-ml bombers with all the usual flavours one expects from a pumpkin beer.

That is what we got for now (but it sure is plenty). Keep it comin’ prairie brewing guys and gals!! If you keep releasing new things I will keep doing news roundups.


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