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April Beer Showers

alleykat beardeddragonOnly two breweries involved in this edition of the news round-up, but they both make up for it in sheer volume of announcements.

Alley Kat last week released a hybrid Big Bottle/Dragon Series beer. Bearded Dragon is an Imperial Red IPA, so they figured it fit the bill for both series. It is not single hopped, but is hop accented. This week is the official release of their new gluten-reduced Scona Gold. As I mentioned earlier they use an enzyme process to break down residual glutens. They cannot guarantee 100% gluten-free, but the level of gluten is miniscule. So those with gluten intolerance will need to evaluate the degree of their sensitivity before purchasing.

But, wait there’s more! I have learned that May 1 will be the release of the next official Big Bottle beer, the return of Loaded Goat Maibock, which was one of the first Big Bottle beer a couple years back. Finally, June 5 is the slated release date for Rainbow Dragon in the Dragon Series. Deviated from the usual single-hop format, this Dragon uses Chinook, Cascade, Centennial, Simcoe and Columbus. I suspect there will be a little bit of citrus going on in there.

bigrock freyjasfieldHeading down highway 2, Big Rock also has a busy few weeks ahead. First, on Friday the latest Alchemist Edition will be released, Freyja’s Field. Interestingly it is a braggot, a blend of beer and mead, which will be a first for the longstanding brewery. More interestingly Frejya’s Field is named after the Norse goddess of sex, beauty and fertility. My kind of God! Except she is also the goddess for war and death, which makes her a bit bi-polar.

Later this month, Big Rock launches a brand new series (to go along with Alchemist and Brewmaster’s Edition). Bomber Series, obviously named for the 650-ml bottle it sells in, will start with Dead Reckoning Royal IPA. It is purported to be 7.5% and about 73 IBUs, hopped with Golding, Challenger and Progress. That tells me to expect a British interpretation.

And finally in more business-y news, three of Big Rock’s regular beer – Grasshopper, Traditional and Warthog – will now also be available in 473-ml single cans. I find we are seeing more and more of that format in craft beer. Not a bad option, all told – a full U.S. pint and you can buy just one or two cans instead of committing to a dozen.

More news as it comes my way.



2 comments to April Beer Showers

  • Brady

    Big Rock’s Dead Reckoning is actually their Monkey’s Fist IPA (of mixed-pack renown), re-branded. They wouldn’t tell me why they went ahead with the name change.

  • Just happened to be looking back through my calendar and it will be exactly three years, three days since the previous Loaded Goat was released. If memory serves (and hey, some times it doesn’t!), expect a slightly drier finish to the Goat this iteration!


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