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Corporate Belgian Cafe Chain Comes to Edmonton

belgianbeercafeAccording to Canadian Beer News, last week Canada’s first Belgian Beer Cafe location had its grand opening in the Edmonton International Airport. Belgian Beer Cafe is an ABInbev-owned international chain of beer cafes, specializing in Belgian offerings, with the new location operated by an Edmonton-based restaurant chain that operates local Chili’s restaurants among others. It is located past security in the terminal – so for travelers only.

I guess it has actually been operating for a few weeks already (clearly I missed it before boarding my flight a couple weeks ago – mind you it was 10am so I wasn’t looking). While I suspect bucket-loads of Stella are going to be sold out of that place, they do say they have 50 Belgian beer on their menu. So, it might be a good spot for a good (yet pricey) beer if your flight is delayed.

I won’t say anymore until I actually experience it with my own eyes and tastebuds, which might be a while as I am not slated to fly anywhere for the next few months. I just thought I would update the crowd here. Thanks to Canadian Beer News for finding the story.


4 comments to Corporate Belgian Cafe Chain Comes to Edmonton

  • Kevin Humphrey

    It has certainly been open for a while. I flew to Vancouver just before Halloween and it was open then. They were serving breakfast, but I didn’t stop in to sample food or more importantly the beer menu.

  • Less than have the beers listed on their menu are even in the Alberta market.

  • Brady

    So far, the only fallout from this has been the inordinate number of people at Sherbrooke, just off a plane from YEG, asking for “that Belgian beer, you know, the one that starts with ‘s'”. Gag me with a pitchfork, when I finally discern that it is actually Shock Top that they are raving about. Way to go, ‘Belgian Beer Cafe’.

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