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Why Homebrewing Is for You

In my latest Planet S column, I offer some advice on how to get into homebrewing. As I have said before, I have been a homebrewer for 20 years so openly admit that am a proselytizer for the hobby. With that disclaimer duly noted, I believe there are very good reasons to get into homebrewing – it is inexpensive, easy to do and frees you from the tyranny of your local liquor store’s/pub’s purchasing decisions.

I find the first thing I need to do when talking someone into homebrewing is dispel two hesitations. The first is the fear the beer will taste like bathwater. I do that by talking about sanitation. The second is that it is too hard and complex for a newbie. All I can say is thank god for pre-made quality kits like Brewhouse and Paddock Wood’s ready-brew. Once you get past those two issues, the rest is easy. After a few batches of straight-forward brewing I find most people want to start moving to intermediate techniques, like extra hop additions, partial mashes and yeast experimentation.

The Planet S article offers Saskatoon-based suggestions for beer supplies and kits, but trust me, if you live anywhere on the prairies you will be able to find a store that will get you up and running with little difficulty. If you haven’t homebrewed before I suggest you make the jump. You won’t regret it. If you are a homebrewer, invite a friend over to watch you brew. Before you know it they will be asking to borrow your grain mill and quizzing you on the proper hops for an American Brown Ale.

Read the entire Planet S article here.

6 comments to Why Homebrewing Is for You

  • The Headhunters home brew club in Saskatoon is planning a communal brew session on Saturday November 6th at the Paddock Wood brewery. We are all going to bring our equipment there and brew different styles of beer. Everyone is welcome, it should be fun.

  • Good to hear that the Headhunters are getting more active. Hopefully articles like this will help!

    Regarding the whole “marketing” of homebrewing – I like the angle that focusses on how much better today’s homebrew is due to the availability of quality products, coupled with a new found wealth of credible, scientific based information that is easily accessible via the internet. However, the one thing that I don’t think gets enough attention, is that homebrewing used to be a VERY common thing many years ago, right up to the end of prohibition. It was no different than growing your own garden, making your own preserves, milking your own cows, and slaughtering your own meat. With the resurgence in popularity of local, fresh, and DIY products, homebrewing is perfectly poised for a huge boom… once we get over the stigma amongst some that homebrew = rotgut.

  • Milo Bloom

    Hey Jason, do you know of any breweries in Edmonton that offer the “ReadyBrew” kits like Paddock Wood does? Cheers!

    • None of the Edmonton breweries – to my knowledge – offers ready made kits for homebrewers.

      However I do know two things: first the Paddock Wood kits are available at Wine Kitz in Sherwood Park.

      AND Edmonton stores have a great selection of Brewhouse Kits – which are a superior all malt kit similar to Paddock Woods. I would suggest you give those a try as well.



  • Milo Bloom

    Beautiful, thanks for that! I’ll check them out.

  • Jason Koebel

    Thanks for the good article, I enjoyed reading it Jason. I think Mark is spot on. Home brewing has been common place forever and thankfully it’s enjoying a resurgence. The skill of home brewers will naturally increase wih the availabIlity of good information on the Internet (like this site) and quality ingredients and supplies available online and locally.

    I have never tried Brewhouse kits but you have peaked my interest. Based on everyone’s feedback it might be somethIng I can offer my customers.

    Thanks everyone and cheers!

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